Xaero’s Minimap Mod For Radar, Waypoints, Zoom in Minecraft

Xaero’s Minimap Mod is a Minecraft alteration that increases a simplex yet highly structural minimap at the lateral of your blind while keep the wonderful flavoring feel. Created by username xaero96, the mod is the very basic revolve quadrate map in Minecraft and has galore other property to suit your expedition and sail inevitably.

Xaero’s Mini Map Minecraft

What Do Mod Offers?

As with different Minimap mods, this one has piles of attributes. Withal, Xaero’s Minimap boasts to have a sander show and the esthetic awareness and aspect of flavorer Minecraft.

Modes for Balance and Style

Any mini-map mods are game break as it destructs the scale and removes the situation of the geographic expedition. Still, this mod property a Fair-Play mode that does not show entities and formation maps which is suited for PVP servers. The mod also has 2 black-and-white modes be on the style you privation.

Item Binding for the UI

Having the minimap UI show at the very first of the game is a small bit OP. But with Xaero’s Minimap, you can deterrent the minimap show into a part – show only when the selected item is held. A clean bind for the scope!

Toggleable Options

This fantastic minimap mod has galore toggle derivative like protecting the place of the map so it won’t revolve, show chunk facility and slime crack, and some more. You can even alteration and set the mobs that can be drama in the map, as well as display or feel other contestants.

Deathpoints and Waypoints

If you lack much to usher in navigating, you might need to add some waypoint for your quality to go. Likewise, death points are automated waypoints that are made upon the character’s decease. Useful when trying to find that treasured jewel sword!

Highly customizable

The mod is fashioned with sympathy in mind. Thence, the mod has a precise utile Edit Mode which allows the users to set the minimap’s UI withal they want – making it congenial with about all UI dynamic mods.

How to Install?

This utile mod definite quantity Minecraft Furnace to be a booth.

Just as with the least of the mods, the Xaero’s Minimap Mod for Minecraft 1.13 usage the modular installation activity.

  1. Transfer the mod, upload buttons are below.
  2. Snap the transfer file.
  3. Pearl and place the transfer file in the mods folder inside 
  4. Minecraft’s list (%appdata%/.minecraft/mods).
  5. Play Minecraft with the current Forge edition.

Should You Install Xaero’s Minimap Mod?

There are galore mini-map mods that offering the said thing. And although it all comes set to taste, the Xaero’s Minimap does content what it Set out to crack – A mini-map that face and spirit like vanilla Minecraft. In fact, there is numerous posture where we thinking that it’s a built-in Minecraft use and block that it is stylish. The mod is very user chummy and the extra Fair-Play mode renders a nice scale in servers where wise to the locating of other players is decisive and colored.


  • Esthetic feel and aspect of vanilla Minecraft.
  • Runs sander than least minimap mods.
  • 2 mod groups: Awash and fair-play. The full edition does not have any Limit. The fair-play variant does not show any entities or hollow maps which is much suited for public PVP servers.
  • 2 color modes: Flavorer, which used the colors of flavorer Minecraft maps, and Close, which uses the colors of area textures.
  • The tract feels customization.
  • Congenial with Xaero’s Global Map and can use the clod full by the world map or else of its own.
  • Derivative to bound your Minimap use by binding it to a point that you’ll want to have in your baking bar in a bid for the mini-map display up. For instance, add minimap ItemId:Minecraft: compass anyplace in the config file to deterrent it to scope.
  • Multiple speeches.
  • Ability to fixing northerly.
  • Building complex both above and underground.
  • Togglable lump grid.
  • Togglable muck lump mode.
  • Hollow out maps.
  • Waypoints. Inexhaustible amount. Can be transported to (permit needed). Press C to move a fresh waypoint. Press A to tilt all the waypoints.
  • Waypoints will besides be in sight in-game. Can be unfit.
  • Death points. An automated waypoint is made on all changes.
  • Displays crowd on the function as chicken dots. Bespoke in the settings. Bitter and matey mobs can be read differently.
  • Displays actors on the map as black dots or player heads. 
  • Rapid growth in and out central binds (I and O).
  • Ordain under the mini-map.
  • Actual community under the mini-map.

Configurable cobble. From minimap size to entity magnitude. Press S in-game to unfastened.

  • Change mode lets you decide the mini-map wherever you want.
  • Congenial with the Finer PVP Plugin for the Bukkit player.

How to Install Fabric Version?

  • Transfer and set up the Fabric Docker.
  • Upload Fabric API and alternative it in the “mods” Pamphlet in the Mine trade game remark.
  • Transfer the Fabric deviation of the minimap mod for your Minecraft group and select it in the mods pamphlet.
  • Initial the Fabric game “Start” Exploitation the Minecraft catapult. 

Waypoint teleportation doesn’t work?

There can be galore ground for this. The mod directs a chat bid to teleport you to the waypoints, which is /tp @s x y z by absence, so pat approval is essential. The vanilla /tp bid requires OP state (cheats enabled) but it’s achievable to have removed license for bid on a non-vanilla host with unsure plugins installed. The used bid can be varied in the minimap cobble with the “Default Transport Command” option or per participant in the waypoints card with the “Teleport Confab Bid” option

If the “Teleport” Fastener is unfit, then it can also average binary things. The most public reason for this is extremity using waypoints from a sub-world that isn’t the “Car” one but static from the said property. If the “auto” sub-world isn’t what is unlikely to be mechanically picked on a definite global, then choose the right sub-world and usage “Make Sub-world Machine” in the waypoints card Choice. This will swop all waypoints collection betwixt the 2 sub-worlds and you’ll be unable to transport to the waypoints, which are today in your “Motorcar” sub-world

If the “auto” sub-world IS elect but the transport button is still unfit, then it credibly means that transfer was automatically disabled for the server/universe. Check the transferral pick in the waypoints card Options. If it’s unfit, you can only alter it through the server-specific config file in the halt reference -> Xaero Waypoints. I urge outlet Minecraft before writing any config files. And kind backups from clip to clip

Your waypoints are no longer shown for a specific server?

One of the fewest communal ground for waypoints not being shown is the wrong usage of the global map mod in multiplayer (since edition 1.6). Make certain you blue-ribbon the right map for your actual world before negative it. It affects which waypoints are state shown to you. The card for map action is on the worldwide map blind if you click the nether left icon (unless it’s ajar by nonremittal). Consider dynamic the map mixture mode to one of the self-acting ones, if it fits the host you’re acting on.

Your presently habitual map affects which waypoints sub-world in the minimap mod is reasoned automated. This allows all created maps to have abstracted waypoints collection. At any factor in time, you can choose and aspect any non-automatic waypoints sub-world by active to the waypoints card (press U) and choose it from the top-right driblet down menu. You can form any sub-world semiautomatic for your presently official map by choose Derivative -> Make Sub-World Auto

Then it’s likely origin by a host plugin changing the conduct of the vanilla compass part and meddling with the mod’s “multi-world” Sensing. In the least such cases, the navigational tool item points to your bed or else of the global egg point. Sleep in the right plot again should take everything back for you if slumber in another one was the reason for the waypoints vanishing.

Journey Map

Journey Map is a case mod for Smithy which maps your Minecraft global in real-time as you research. You can position the map in an object spectator or in-game as a Minimap or afloat screen.

Journey Map-Server supply host admins with relation ended what attribute can be used by the actor. It is now in the said jar as the node.

Install Journey Map

Go to Journey Map Record on Oath Forge, find the variant of Journey Map you have, and interpret the Alteration log for the direct version of Forge you want. Normally it is the Suggested habitus of Forge.

On the Minecraft Beat Downloads Page, click the edition of Minecraft you are victimizing, and find the “Suggested” installer.

Select the Set Client choice and estate OK. It will place a hot “Forge” Life in your Minecraft Catapult.