Witchery Mod Minecraft Download With The Latest Vampire, Werewolf

If you are artistic the Minecraft Witchery Mod is for you. Witchcraft and magical art are waiting for you to play Witchery mod, Download it and take it.

Though Controls you can create the magic art. First Learn to control then start in the game. In witchery mod 1.10.7 you will get upgraded Branch of the Witchcraft. It is included with the witch and warlock.

Flashy spell casting is performed like a wizard. So, here you don’t have to deal with the spell books, entrenched armor, and flaming swords. A demerit of the magic is it generates the power more quickly.

So, that’s it for Minecraft Witchery Mod wiki. Now, move on to the guide and additional information.


Minecraft Witchery Mod Guide

Witchery Mod Minecraft

This guide will make you the best player of the Minecraft Witchery Mod.

  • Witcher owns, where you can coom meat and charcoal and produce the material. By the time you can upgrade the Owen.
  • Get some clay jar for storage purpose.
  • Using mandrake root you can create Mutandis. 
  • Built Altar and distillery 
  • Using Spanish moss you can create poppets. This is how you can bind the poppets.
  • Mutandis help you to purchase Rowan Sampling, though you can grow Rowan Trees. 

like that there are lots of tips and tweaks you can use to build better gameplay in witchery mod.

Minecraft witchery mod vampire is called as the acquired body and which is tainted by the blood. When they are touch with the sun, die instantly.

Witches that are not in completely turn into the evil that is called as the Minecraft mod coven. By seer stone, it will help you from out of the fight. And this operation is performed in the Magic Circle.

Currently, when you download Minecraft witchery mod it is available as version 1.12.2. This Mod Remake is remaining as the favorite for all Minecraft Players.