Grounded Jungle Temple Burgl Chip Location | Where to find in Stardew Valley

A new mission in the latest Grounded update requires you to find the Jungle Temple BURG.L chip. But This usher will state to you where to find the Jungle Temple. Also, How to get the passwords necessary to way the BURG.L chip within.

How to Find the Jungle Temple Burg. L Chip Location?

Head to the southeast of the map and rise up the stalk in the large bush. This will need you to move across single ziplines when you see them.

Along the way, you will walk two tiny labs (just a single tiny room each). This is how you will undergo you’re on the straight track. Alongwith this way, there are some Spiderlings, so be sure of them.

Finally, you’ll make it to a much larger derelict lab at the high of the bush. But, You’ll want to use the zip mark to get to the entry to this Forest Temple lab.

Where to find Grounded Jungle Temple Burgl Chip Location in Stardew Valley

How to Find the Password?

In the hall of the Jungle Temple is a machine next to a fast door. To open the entrance, you will need to deed the password. Which has been divided into 4 pieces of paper. Each chip of paper is here, so they shouldn’t be sticky to find.

The initial password part (Password scribble 48) can be saved early on, in the room with the first 2 Orb Artificer juniors.

Go on from here and fight the TAY.Z golem along the way. Then In a small power room area with the senior TAY.Z in it is a hole in the fence. Zip wire set to the next portion of the lab where the Password script t19 can be found.

In the area with the adult Orb Artificer is the 3rd password part, Password scribble -ur.

To reach the last scrap go up up the spiraling tube hole to the very top of the lab. But there will be a room full of many furnish worth pillage.

Close to this position you’ll find zip fit which leads back to the outset. Yield the zip line, but leap off halfway when you are over the top. Alongwith an open birth leading back inside the edifice lab.

In this room are 2 more Globe Weaver petty and the Password scribble y-.

Return to the opening area of the lab and signal the now-complete password. So as to open up the doorway behind you. Then, Enter the area to deed the Jungle Edifice Burg. L chip inside.

Grounded grave robbery burglary chip locatio

Another BURG.L chip can be saved in the western knoll. North of the baseball at the kickoff of the game. This knoll is awash of soldier ants. So you can either score past them or vesture ant armor to halt them from offensive you. But the knoll also contains bee armor & a SCA.B scheme. This chip is the payoff for the BURG.L pursuit, Chipsleuth, Grave Theft.

As you go in the knoll, stick to the left side, being sure to ever take the left path. But, you will cum across some liquid, swim through it. As you come up, go the path up to away with many ants in it. Also there is a gap in the ground. Drib down through the hole to deed a room with dainty. And hot dog fleck, the BURG.L chip will be inclined up against the wall.

All grounded burglary chip unlocks

  • SCA.B Reviewer: SCA.Bs (1000 RS): An ascent for the SCA.B Reviewer module. That allows it to find other nearby SCA.Bs that are not presently attached to a manlike host.
  • Eyepatch Ascent (1500 RS): An ascent for the patch that allows it to cut back the stamina cost for onset.
  • Fiber Bandage Efficiency (2000 RS): Precise the Fiber patch recipe so it uses much less constituent per patch.
  • Canteen Upgrade (4000 RS): Rise the canteen formula so it can hold more fluid.
  • Buff Lungs (6000 RS): A perk that teaches you how to line out your lungs to gain your max endurance.

All burgl chip locations

BURG.L is a precious little golem in Grounded. This ex-patty fin offers quests that wage raw science. As well as the Tech Bit Swap Shop, a shop that sells new formulas. Players that need to grow their wares. Also, It should start labor down BURG.L chips. All chip you deed and take back to BURG.L. It will allow him to sell you less formal and trade recipes.

The first BURG.L chip can be saved right beside the golem. When you first encounter him in the wood lab. Enter the wood lab tree after blowing ajar the door. Also with the cryptic machine and go the path down. As you come crossways the raw subject in the solid cone. Then you will want to solve the push puzzle by paring them all green. Use the pry to open the entrance. This will let you find BURG.L. Buns he is the tract chip.