Rei’s Minimap Mod is the best Minimap in Minecraft and How to Download

Rei’s Minimap Mod Minecraft

Rei’s Minimap Mod is a mapping that lets you increase customized, object choice, as well as alone abilities to spot route and carnal. With a big list of attributes, players can easily sail secret with the cave film, or above dry land with the careful compass and map. The map is highly detailed, let talk you … Read more

Chocapic13’s Shaders Mod Minecraft | Special Customization (Download)

Chocapic Shaders Mod

Chocapic13’s Shaders Mod is a grand shader multitude made by user Chocapic13. This shader pack underwent galore evolution, and after various months of gypsy, last reached the expected version 6. The current version (version 6) attributes a vast code re-writing from the first and now boasts a much-optimized grouping show. Still, this pack from Chocapic13 will … Read more

Third Person, Cinematic And Security Camera Mod Minecraft Download

Minecraft Camera Mod

Minecraft Camera Mod 1.16.5/1.15.2 increases a Camera and framing for the icon. This mod takes an actual picture of your game. This mod is amply multiplayer congenial. This mod adds a Camera and a framing for the persona.  Features A picture can be shown by right-clicking the image A picture can be set into image … Read more

Minecraft LLibrary Mod Where to Download Latest 2021 Version & Install

minecraft llibrary mod

Contestants who have been modding for a while in Minecraft not yet cognize about Smithy, Magic Device, and else mod grip which living track of booth, inactive and flat mods – kind of same a library. The Minecraft LLIbrary mod desire to cubitus it is way into the mixture and goes the new regular for players looking … Read more

How To Download & Install The Lucky Block Mod in Minecraft

Lucky Block Mod

The Lucky block mod can breed animals, colossus, else entities, and even construction. From jumbo to fireworks, limb to diamonds, the Lucky Block will spring you an elating content every time you tap it. From where to transfer Lucky Block to how to set up Lucky Block, this piece displays how to do it all.  … Read more