Stardew Valley Tractor Mod Latest Version Download

By downloading stardew valley tractor mod you can make your farming experience very great and fruitful. It just makes you feel so comfortable to play the game. There are many tools available this tool do provide that helps to quickly complete many tasks related to your farming. stardew valley tractor mod comes with a garage for you and you have to keep your tractor in it.

All you have to do is to buy a garage from a person named Robin. When she completes building the garage you can use it in the game. The tractor is included with garage. In stardew valley building costs for garage will be 20 blocks of iron bars, 5 packs of battery and 150000g.


Once, everything gets done all you need to do is just hope in your tractor and choose a tool or seeds and drive in your farm. By pressing backspace you can summon your tractor to the current position.  

stardew valley tractor mod

stardew valley tractor mod not working in the way that you just can have a ride in your farm. It also comes with some great default tools that will help you in the game. Like, it gives Axs that clears twigs, weeds or dead crops. It has How that tills dirt and clears weeds from the ground. Pickaxe that breaks rocks and clears weeds, dead crops or tilled dirt. And Scythe that harvests crops, plant fruit trees and long grass and clears weeds or dead crops. All these features make stardew valley optimal farm.

Stardew Valley Tractor Mod

There are also some more stardew valley tractor mod features that are disabled by default in the game but you can enable them by changing config.json file.

These features are Melee weapons that can attack monsters but this feature is not recommended because it is overpowered. enjoy your game with a tractor.