Stardew Valley Secret Note 19 | Solid Gold Lewis Statue Location

If you’ve complete the A Winter Mystery pursuit old during your Stardew Valley play direct. Then your pockets are sure to be swollen with Secret Notes. These notes are acquired in no peculiar order. So even if you’re still in the primal stages of collection. Then you may have seed crossways Secret Note 19.

Stardew Valley Secret Note 19 Explained

Once dilated, the note will hold a picture of Sam, Painter, Jodi, and Vincent’s home. This will be at 2 Willow Lane, on 20 directional clues. To find the result of Secret Note 19, start by sail to the green angular. It is delineated in the picture, right in the first of the door to the home.

Moving one squarish in each way shown by the image will prove hopeless. So instead, relocate your character as far as doable in a single way until you hit a balk.

For instance, the first way is left, so move your character left until you feat a tree. Then up until you feat the fence, and so on. Yet, the set will be saved behind Mayor Lewis’ home in the sort of a Dry Gold Lewis Statue. The statue can be placed about where the eave of the upstairs window. Also, it seems to meet the cover of the basic story of the home. In the top-left area of the field.

If you so decide, your connexion with Secret Note 19 can end here. But there’s less fun to be had with your new Solid Gold Lewis Statue. It can be set anyplace in Pelican Town. Though it will be spoilt if a villager passes directly it. If it’s located someplace in town and is not blighted by a villager.

The Solid Gold Lewis statue will be set the next time with a Stinky Plant. And you’ll get a signed note and a gift in the post the next day. We won’t injury the change, but snap it a try. If you enjoy gain from your devilry in Stardew Valley.

After you’ve got the note, the Solid Gold Lewis Sculpture will re-emerge. Either in Lewis’ home (60% chance) or Marnie’s home (30% chance). You can retell this activity as many times as you desire. But you’ll only have the note and the wages once.

Be sure to sheer the A Winter Mystery search during your play-through. Just to get more billet like Secret Note 19. Once accomplished, you’ll find them at ergodic while additive everyday tasks around the farm.

Stardew Secret Notes

Solid Gold Lewis Statue Location in Stardew Valley Secret Note 19

Secret Notes are payable notes that can be unbolted by walking to the Bus Stop. Just from The Work during Winter between 5 am and 4 pm. The player will see a cut area. In which a “Shade Guy” (who could be Krobus) jumps and runs away. After a vision, the cut area, the quest “A Winter Mystery” is added to the player’s diary.

The Shadow Guy’s footfall leads to a shrub next to the playground, near the Community Centre. If the player act with the bush, the Shade Guy will pop extinct. Then apologize for theft, give the player an Amplify Glass, then run away.

The Amplify Glass gives the player the power to deed Secret Notes. While excavation, jaw trees, excavation, fishing, or killing a giant.

Once saved, a Secret Note can be seen by selecting it. In the top row of the list & right-clicking (as if intense food). This will increase the note to the player’s group. Also, enable the Secret Notes grouping tab on the player card.

Few notes will list “Adored” gifts for sure characters. While others will have images portrayal puzzle answers. Reading billet that list gift liking will add the gifts to the hamlet. The Gift Log on the Ethnic tab of the player card.

Secret Notes can be gifted, but they are all normally despised.

To open up the secret notes, you want to find the amplified lens. During wintertime, go to the bus halt before 5 pm. You will see a phantom human run away.

This view starts the hunt, “A Winter Mystery.” Caput to town and you will see a mark. Follow the pace to a scrubby playground. Probe it and the shade person will give the amplified lens to you.

Now the secret notes can be saved by slaying giants, fishing, dig, cut trees, and mining.

Secret Note 19

The home on the secret note is 1 Willow Way & the opening point is right at the entree. Then you must travel the directions. Travel left till you cannot move any longer. Then up until you cannot change anymore, so on and so forth. Finally, you should be buttocks Mayor Lewis’s home. There should be a gilt Lewis statue to claim by shaking a bush.

If you need to humiliate him, the lever that statue anywhere in Pelican Township. As long as no NPC travels through it, it will be settled by a crappy plant. And you will get a text from Mayor Lewis. The statue can then be saved in either Lewis’s area or Marnie’s way.