Stardew Valley Secret Note 11 Explained & its story and How to Solve

If you’ve been playing Stardew Valley for a while now, odds are you’ve found a few random notes lying around town. If not, no concern, you just need to sheer the A Winter Mystery pursuit to open Secret Notes. Some of these secret messages are square, while others can be a bit deep. For instance, Secret Note 12 only contains an image and doesn’t have any text to grow. So, what does this line mean? And is there an odd thing to do with it?

What To Do With Secret Note 11 in Stardew Valley?

Like the other invisible messages in Stardew Valley, Secret Note 11 has no import. But intented side from simply being owed. As you’ve likely figured out, the line cannot be dilated. Also, It is just a picture of an older woman keeping hands with a small girl. Still, it’s not lucid who the 2 characters are? But there’s some argument in the people about it. Most accept that this is an icon of Marnie & Jas keeping hands when Jas was a small girl.

Withal, there are else that think that the note is an image of an infant. But that is Jas holding hands with her parent, who is not in the halt. If this isn’t decent, this isn’t the only secret close Secret Note 11 in Stardew Valley. Of the 15 secret messages, this looks to be the only one that doesn’t serve a goal. So, the inquiry is… Is it merely a due or is there some goal to it that players haven’t saved quite yet? Well, it’s been some years since the game was free. Also no one has found it out yet. If there is an aim, developer Afraid Ape may have to give us a clue finally! But maybe it’ll rest a mystery & somebody will ace the code one day. If there is one to tiptop, anyway.

If you haven’t been fit to find Secret Note 11 yet, you’ll want to form certain Things. Also, that you have saved the Shadow Guy & complete the A Winter MysteryOnce you’ve finished that, you’ll start finding the notes by doing the ergodic act. Like thriving giant crops, ending giant in the mines, digging up weeds, break stones, fishing, and other casual act.

Secret Note 11

Stardew Valley Secret Note 11 Explained

An image of a woman with a kid on a ranch. The cattle farm looks like Marnie’s & the female looks like an actor. The Younger Marnie with a tot that seems like Jas. Now, some suppose that this adult could be Marnie’s Nun & also Jas’s mother. 

The only known relation is that Shane is Jas’s patron and Shane is Marnie’s niece. So I do not see how Marnie’s nun would fit in this. But No one sees what this image is for. 

Secret Note 14

On the correct side, down the people center by the wooden trader is a secret furniture item, the Jumino Sculpture. Hit it with a pickax or hoe to get it. 

Secret Note 17

This is another treasure map. This is on the exact side of the river north of Joja Outlet. Or the Movie theatre if you overturned the derelict Joja Mart into one. Dig the place at the top to feat a green antic doll. The absent jewelry is in the spa water. That is draining external by the door of the spa.

You only have 2 contrary people you can yield this to, Abigail & Caroline. If you try to yield the jewelry to someone else. You will get a pass on locution that this is a false person.

Your relation points will fall with the person you afford it to. Accordant to the wiki, Abigail gains a greater amount of state points than Carolean.

Secret Notes

Secret Notes are dropped items, that when used up, opens secret content. That can be viewed afterward low-level the secret note card. Some secret notes include a giving list for an NPC or a unit of NPCs. What is good about this, is that the talent mentioned are added to the NPC(s) adored & like talent list.

If you do not live how to scene this, go to the state menu. And click on the organism whom you would similar to see their pet gifts. Then it will show up.

Other notes contain wealth maps, locations of secret parts and cases, and pictures. 

Secret Note 20

This is another one of the Stardew Valley secret notes that has a fit way for you. First, make sure you have a rabbit’s bottom in your list.

This time, the turning point is in the middle of the town’s angulate. This time go exactly till you cannot relocation anymore. And follow the ways you like so. You should ambit the truck right the Joja Mart. Talk to the worker inside & trade your cony foot for a Special Attractiveness. 

Secret Note 21

This is a proffer on how to outset “The Mysterious Qi” Hunt. This note is not needed to start the hunt, withal. If you do not cognize how to start the search, take a team pack to the hole near the bus stop. Inset the artillery pack into a panel in the burrow walls and herb.