The Best Stardew Valley Mods

Playing of stardew valley is more fun when stardew valley mods are added to it. It is such an awesome experience in playing game and generating interest. Stardew provides so many unique tasks in game and these all tasks are more fun when we add mods for them. Nexus stardew valley mods are great to add in your game as they are leading in providing mods.

There are many categories of mods in which they are classified. And so many free stardew valley mods are there in every category that you can attach it into your game. So many questions also may generate in your mind. These questions are also defined with solutions of them.

Can you mod Stardew Valley multiplayer?

Stardew Valley multiplayer allows you to turn your friends into laborers. Very popular farming sim and Harvest Moon clone Stardew Valley has finally upgraded the multiplayer mod. Now you can turn your friends into unpaid workers on your farm. It’s great fun as long as you are not too concerned about the game’s story.

How do I install Stardew Valley mods with Smapi?

Getting started
Install SMAPI. Very First you’ll need to install the mod loader, SMAPI. …
Find mods. And then you can download the mods you want. …
Find your game folder. Next you’ll need to open your game folder (the one containing Stardew Valley’s .exe file). …
Install mods. …
Configure mods. …
Manage mods.

What is Smapi?

Stardew valley mods SMAPI is an open-source modding API for specialy for Stardew Valley that lets you play the game with mods. It is installed alongside the game’s executable, and does not change any of your game files.

How do I backup my Stardew Valley save file?

Find your save files
you have to now press Windows + R to show a ‘run’ dialogue box.
Paste this exact text: %appdata%\StardewValley\Saves.
Click ‘OK’ to open the folder.


Visual and aesthetic mods


Anime Portraits
Stardew Valley Anime Portraits mod

Anime Portraits Mod

Modder toonyoza has now taken on the rather large task of recreating each character’s in-game portrait with a version that’s anime-styled. It’s a pretty huge undertaking considering they must have to both matches and modify the game’s current art style for the many different poses of dozens of characters. All The custom portraits are very great made and do a nice job of subtly changing Stardew Valley’s tone.


New and improved Hairstyles
Stardew Valley mod hairstyles


New and improved Hairstyles

This mod adds new more hairstyles to the game, not that it was lacking before. But they are slightly more interesting, that also goes through some older hairstyles and modifies the pixel art. Modder Chrysanthe has described some of the old hair as “very flat and small in proportion to the head,” and these adjustments aim to fix those problems where applicable.


Classy New Interior
Stardew Valley mod kitchen

Stardew Valley mod kitchen Mod

There weren’t a whole lot of interior visual mods, when I made this list, but that’s definitely changed. The awesome New Interior stardew valley mod does pretty much exactly what its name implies, reskinning walls, floors, and furniture to be a bit fancier than your average farmhouse.


Clean Shane’s Room

Clean Shanes Room Mod

Scoundrel Shane is not taking care of his space? Then boy I have good news for you. It Cleans up Shane’s room in a simple way.


Pokemon retextures
Stardew Valley mod pokemon

Stardew Valley Mod Pokemon

This is not only one Pokemon mod, per se, but rather a big collection of Pokemon retextures that change farm animals, enemies, and even people into Pokemon. While turning the Leah into a Gardevoir may not be the appeal to you, the animal and monster retextures are more fantastic and make worth looking through to see if any appeal to you. You also can manipulate furniture, paintings, and locations around town to be Pokemon themed.


Pet and horse replacements


Pet Replacements
Stardew Valley Border Collie Mod

Stardew Valley Border Collie Mod

For Stardew’s three pets: the cat, dog, and horse Modder WildSpirits has started a series recolors. This is a so light-touch mod, specifically focused on adding new breeds of each animal to the game, and you can also download whichever specific ones you would like while skipping the alternatives. Pet Replacements has Border Collie and Pug skins for the dog, Calico and Siamese skins for the cat, and Painted and Blue Roan skins for the horse.

Annoying Dog from Undertale
Stardew Valley Undertale dog mod

Stardew Valley Undertale Dog Mod

Modder FinalMantasyX has swapped the pixel sprite of the regular dog with the Annoying Dog from Undertale. It’s a brilliant small mix of pixelated indie hits, and an oddly appropriate reskin for someone of Stardew Valley’s pets. Currently, the game’s cat and/or dog has no any impact on gameplay, and generally it just run around getting in your way—most notably they can do so when you try to place a building for construction, allowing the Annoying Dog to remain true to its name in Stardew Valley as well. Then after, running around my farm with this song playing repeatedly.


Skeletal-Undead Horse
Stardew Valley mod skeleton horse

Stardew Valley mod skeleton horse

If you want to confirm your lovable horse companion is way more unsettling than ever intended, modder Giambro has got you covered. Ride around the town on a skeletal demon horse rather than the boring old living kind. It also breathes the fire when you leave it sitting in the stable!


Chocobo horse
Stardew Valley mod Chocobo

Stardew Valley mod Chocobo Mod

The cat and dog are not only ones that get pop culture replacements, as modder NachoDevs has substituted the horse with a Chocobo from Final Fantasy. Once again, this is only a visual replacement, and unfortunately this song will not play automatically as you ride around town, but you can get sure that I’ll be whistling it the whole time I’m riding mine.

Tractor horse
Stardew valley mod tractor

Stardew Valley Mod Tractor

So finally, why do ride an animal to get around anyway? That looks pretty old fashioned when you think about it, so don’t think about it and instead cruise around your farm in a tractor. Definitely, you are still putting it to sleep in the stable you built for a horse, but no one cares when you can ride around town in luxury. This Tractor mod is a bit hilarious, but it also fits into Stardew’s style pretty well, which is one type of achievement seeing as modder Pewtershmitz had to make it from scratch.


Gameplay mods and additions


Makeshift Multiplayer

Makeshift Multiplayer Mod

This mod is super exciting from all stardew valley mods multiplayer, even when it’s only a ramshackle solution until official multiplayer support is added to the game. Makeshift Multiplayer, just like the name would indicate, adds online co-op to Stardew Valley. It’s not that perfect, and some bugs aren’t going to be fixed when real co-op will eventually show up anyway, but it works fine enough to tide us all over until then.


Easier Fishing
Stardew Valley Easier Fishing mod

Stardew Valley Easier Fishing Mod

One of the common complaints I’ve ever seen about Stardew Valley is that the fishing here is too hard. I can totally understand the sentiment, and so can modder steffjes who decided to lower the difficulty on the mini-game. The  fishing mod doesn’t make fishing mean nothing, but the steffjes has adjusted the game to make fish move up and down on the meterless frequently, along with polishing of their movement out so that they are easier to track, letting you still enjoy fishing without ripping your hair out. It is not a necessary mod if you don’t have trouble fishing, but one of most likely a vital one for many players out there.


Teh’s Fishing Overhaul

Teh's Fishing Overhaul

Just another alternative stardew valley mod to making fishing easier, Teh’s Fishing Overhaul mod improves fishing in a few different ways. Fish are slightly easier to catch here, and there’s now an awesome chance that fish can be “unaware” making them even easier. But also there is also an entirely new “perfect stream system” that rewards you for chaining the perfect catches together. The more times and constantly you get a perfect catch, the more likely it is for the fish to be higher quality, and for treasure chests to appear and be better.



At the end what is the best Stardew valley mods to use is still not specified. Here, not only stardew valley mods are provided but also they are categorized in various types like gameplay and additions and pet replacement. So, we have to find the best stardew valley mod suiting the feasible category.

Visual and aesthetic mods and pet replacement types of mods are fun oriented. They are not much focused on making gameplay easy. And gameplay mods and additions are oriented to make gameplay better. So, a makeshift multiplayer mod is more useful among of it’s type.

Then, find useful Stardew valley mods and their information from the above information and have a fun!