Easy Fishing Mod In Stardew Valley And Fishing Minigame

Stardew valley fishing mod is a popular concept among this game’s players. Fishing is too much fun in stardew valley game that’s why most of the players download it to experience the fishing at least once. The fishing feature is available in this game but adding fishing mod makes it easy and speedy.

Here, a fishing rod is used to make the line into the water. To cast the line, you have to hold the left mouse button. A meter will appear indicating how a line will go. Once the line is cast at you point you can release the mouse button. It depends on the location which kind of fish you will get.


Stardew Valley – Easier Fishing v.2.0

easy fishing mod stardew valley is here for you. This mod does not remove fishing concept from the game but it makes fishing too easy for you. So you can have original experience of fishing in the game.

The main advantage of this mod is, it makes the movement of shooting up and down of fish less frequently. And also to have easier fishing stardew valley, it makes the movement of fish smoother in a game so easily track the fishes.

Stardew Valley Easier Fishing Mod

Skip Fishing Minigame

Skip fishing minigame is best easier fishing mod if you feel while fishing in the game. Like, fish so laugh while escaping with your bait and tackle. All you need to do is just hook the fish when it bites and you are done.

After adding this mod, you can still catch legendary fish. You also may get treasure while fishing in the game. No affection on size and quality happen from this mod also the vanilla stardew valley calculation remains the same without any affection.

All the fish you catch will be considered as perfect catch. Your collection will still update the number of fish caught also after adding this mod.