The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim Flora Overhaul SE At Special Edition

Skyrim Flora Overhaul Download in your system and start overhauling. For operating, you will get tree models, grass and plants inclusion, snowy tree, green forest and many more that you will face while you open flora overhaul and clean it one by one. 

First, as a beginner, you can download a version v1.87 with its main file. Additionally, when a game asks to add add-on then you can install the Dragonborn add-on file. You can add and modify these add-ons, but the requirements are skyrim.ini file. With this file, you can reduce the Skyrim grass in gameplay.


Flora Overhaul Performance

Seen many complains against the performance but once you are compatible with performance texture then it will be good to go.

Performance textures help to decrease the texture quality of flora overhaul. Want to get better resolution and better performance then you must go for performance textures in the game.

It decreases the 50% to 70% resolution and having fewer spaces space-consuming struct For example if some texture takes 22 megabytes to load. Then use performance structure you will get a decrease rate by 0.7 megabytes. You can increase the framerate while using Skyrim VR.

skyrim flora overhaul

Skyrim Flora Overhaul Special Edition

First, we are starting from the what will you get from flora overhaul use.

  • New Tree Models.
  • Snowy Tree With More Details.
  • Without ESP you can go for a Tree and Grass only models.
  • Green forest, where old and deep trees are looks like more taller.
  • Improved LOD.
  • New grasses and plants.

These are the basic and important changes you will get once you download Skyrim flora overhaul special edition.

Thus, for Skyrim add a new essence in the game it adds Skyrim flora overhaul.ini file. It removes the hassle of skyrim.ini file editing. With tweak value 20 you can use iMinGrassSize, with better FPS you can use a higher value.