Sims 4 Writer Career Guide & Download Mod Writer as freelancer at home

Writer Career in Sims 4 allows your Sim to gain more money using Writing Skills. You can increase your Profit by writing more books. Writer Career gives you more rewards. You can benefit by producing bestsellers using Inspired moodlets. The Best Trait for Writing Career is Creativity.  The Writer Career further is divided as Journalist or Author Career.

Sims 4 Writing Skill Cheat

You can improve your Writing Skill instantly using Cheat Codes. Press Control + Shift + C and press enter. Turn on the testingcheatcodes. Now enter careers.promote_adult_writer to increase your writing skills.

Sims 4 Journalism

Journalism allows your Sims to write anything about Sims. Choose the sim and Start Positive Interaction. Then you can either write positive or negative about Sims. You can do multiple Interviews and write once about them. Writing positive about Sims will boost your relations.

So can earn more instant cash. You need Charisma and Confident Skills for Writing Ability. Practicing Speech in Mirror will increase your Confidence.


Sims 4 Writer Career Work From Home

Sims 4 Writer Career

Freelancer Career is the Branch of Writer Career. In Freelancing Career you can work from home. You need a phone, Computer or Sketch pad to work from home. You can work as a programmer, author, or Artist. Also, You need to sign in any agency to work from home. Working from home reduces the chances of getting Fired. 

How to Write Articles Sims 4?

To write Articles you have to simply select Sims about which you want to write. The Interaction icon will pop-up under a friendly section. After the interaction, you can write a Positive or Negative articles about Sim. The Journalism Career allows you to interview multiple Sims. You can also write a combined or Single article on Sims. You need to write daily to improve the writing ability of articles.