Sims 4 Write Song Faster Mod Download & Best Skill For Money Making

Once your Sim reaches Level 8 in any instrument like piano, guitar, violin, etc. The Sims 4 Write A Song ability will be unlocked for a particular Instrument. You can Write A Song which appears in Inventory. The written song will appear in forms of Sheets. Once the song is fully written you can play it.

Sims 4 Writing Skill Cheat

You can improve your Sims Writing Skills using Promo Codes. Press Shift + Ctrl + C and press enter. Turn on the testing Cheat Codes. Now enter careers.promote_ adult_ writer skill X to increase your writing skills.

Sims 4 Writer Career

Writer Career allows you to earn more money using Writing Skills in Sims 4. Writing more books will increase your Sims profit. Your Sims can earn more rewards In Writer Career. Inspired moodlets will give benefits of producing bestseller books. Creativity is the Best Trait for Writing Career

Sims 4 Guitar Skill Cheat

You can increase the Guitar Skill of Sims using cheat codes. Open console command and press Control + Shift + C. Turn the test cheat codes on first. You can change the Skill level according to your need. You can choose from 1 – 10 levels. Now, enter stat.set_skill _ level major_ guitar X.

Sims 4 Write Songs Faster

Sims 4 Write Song

It takes too long to write a song depending on Sims Skills. DJ Booth Mod of getting Together Expansion Pack will Speed up the lyric Speed. The Lyrics option will increase the writing lyrics of Instruments. The keyboard of the City Living Expansion pack also speeds up the portable lyrics board. sims 4 Write a Song Faster is good for Money Making

Sims 4 License Song

Licensing the Song will allow your Sims to earn money. You can license one song in a week for one instrument. If your Sim is skilled in more than one instrument. Then you can license more songs at a time. To license Songs click on license in a mailbox and sell a song.