Sims 4 Witch Mod And Warlocks Mod Pack Cast Spells With Wizard Mod

Your Female Sims will turn into to Witch, For that, you have to download Sims 4 Witch Mod. But Before installing Witch mod in Sims 4 Mod Folder you need to take care of some points. From CAS you can create from normal Sims to Witch Sims.

For Installation of witch mod Sims 4, You need files like MagicTuning, WitchEffects, and MagicAnimations, These files are available in Zip, Rar, or 7z File. So you have to extract these files. Then those all files in the Mods and Packages folder.

Sims 4 Witches and Warlocks Mod Pack

Magic Broom it the outcome of the Sims 4 Witches and Warlocks. In Magic Broom, you will get Human Outcome, Which Has the option “Try to Pick” While you select this option Enemy Sims are stuck by the lighting.


In Witches and Warlocks’ outcome, you will get only one broom, And it will always in Black and Purple. When you pick up a broom then you have to Click on the “Ride your broom” option. The Sim will go outside and ride in circles with it. With these broom options, you will travel also.

Sims 4 Art of Magic Mod

In June 2019, Creators have announced the Sims 4 Art of Magic Mod. This Mod is specially designed for the Sense of Lore and unlocked abilities of the Witches. In this way, you will make progress faster. But to use them, you have to Learn professional magic Skills.

These Advance skills help Sims to get more Progressive in Magic Direction.

Sims 4 Witch Mod

Sims 4 Wizard Mod

Sims 4 Wizard packs are there so Sims Witches and Warlocks downloads are included in The Sims 4. Here your Sim character becomes a Sims 4 become a sorcerer. In Sims 4 Witch Mod 2019, you will get Enhanced Witches through the Sims 4 Witch and Warlock Mod.

How you can become a Witch in Sims 4?

You can be part of Witcher mod by simply creating Sims in your Sims 4 version. It’s easy to become a within the Sims 4. The first necessity to become a witch is, in your game Witcher mod should be available and updated. Then you have to create Sims, Eventually, it becomes the witch of your game. 

Sims 4 witchcraft career mod

In Sims 4 Witcher mod, you can choose Witchcraft as a career in the game. As a Witcher of the game, you have to play challenges and complete them to get huge rewards. Those rewards you can use to upgrade your current Sims 4 Mod.