Download Best Accessories Sims 4 Wings With Fairy, Dragon & Animated

Wings are the new mashes in the Sims 4. Wings are the new self-contained objects. You do not require to use any expansion pack to use it. Wings can be used for all ages and all genders. You can find Wings in CAS under the Glass category.

Sims Fairy Wings

Fairy Wings are TS3 ReColourable Wings in Sims 4. Fairy Wings comes in three different patterns. Solid Color with no border, Solid Color with Border, and Monarch Pattern. The three patterns are available in different variations. Solid Color is very useful for low graphics. The solid colors available are Blue, red, Pink, White, etc.

Sims Wings Hair

Wings Hair in Sims 4 comes with Expansion packs. Wings Hair comes with four different meshes. There are 20 different colors of sims Wings Hair. You can also create the colors using the recolor template. Three recolor templates are available in Glass Category. To do this easily TS4 is needed.


Sims Dragon Wings

Dragon Wings are available in three colors in Sims 4. They are Red, Purple, and Gold. Dragon comes with different patterns and meshes. The Dragon Wings also comes in Tinted Wings with Pointed Spikes. The Dragon Wings are layered with Manes. 

Sims Tinkerbell Wings

Sims 4 Wings

Tinker Bell Wings are created for fairies or hallow. These wings come in three different variants. The tinker bell wings have meshes for a separate slot. The Tinker bell wings look like a real butterfly Wings.

Sims 4 Wings Accessories

You will be tired of holding the wings straight at all the times. The Synaptic Sims folded Wings Accessory gives you relief of that. You can now assign your Wings separately to the shoulder blade. That means wings can be on either side. But now you can not fly. This accessory can be worn with any outfits and other accessories.