Sims 4 Toddler Cheats Full Latest List For (PC/Xbox/PS4) Skills, Shortcuts

Toddler’s cheats in Sims 4 helps you to change the moods of a toddler. This also helps toddlers to gain skills easily. The Toddler Cheats can either gives you energized moodlet or playful. Or it can remove all active moodlets. Cheats remove negative moods like uncomfortable, sad, or tense. The cheat codes are as follows:

MoodsCheat Code
Playful SimSims.add _ buff _ Playful _ high
Energized SimSims.add _ buff _ Energized _ high
Remove Negative moodletsSims.add _ buff _ remove _ all _ moodlets

Sims 4 Toddler Skill Cheats

Sims 4 Toddler Cheats

The toddler skill cheats allow you to gain a happy toddler trait. After level 5 you will get top-notch toddler traits using these cheats. These cheats are extremely helpful in-game. To use cheat first hit Control + Shift + c and turn cheats true. This will make sure that all cheats are working properly. The cheats are as follows :

SkillsCheat Code
CommunicationStats.set _ skill _statistic _ skill _ toddler _ communication #
ImaginationStats.set _ skill _statistic _ skill _ toddler _ Imagination #
MovementStats.set _ skill _statistic _ skill _ toddler _ Movement#
PottyStats.set _ skill _statistic _ skill _ toddler _ Potty #
ThinkingStats.set _ skill _statistic _ skill _ toddler _ Thinking #

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Sims 4 Max Sims Need

Toddlers are the difficult stages of life to keep Sims happy. It means one moment your Sim is very happy. And next minute they are starving on the floor. Toddler Need Cheats are useful to deal with toddler insanity. Turn on the cheat console command. The cheats are as follows:

NeedCheat Code
AttentionFill motive _ motive _ attention.
BladderFill motive _ motive _ bladder.
EnergyFill motive _ motive _ energy
HungerFill motive _ motive _ hunger.
HygieneFill motive _ motive _ hygiene.
FunFill motive _ motive _ fun.
All NeedsFill motive _ motive _ all _ commodities.

Sims 4 Toddler Traits Cheat

The cheat codes help you to get any trait of toddler instantly. Toddler traits help you to gain and learn skills fast. The cheats are as follows :

TraitsCheat Code
Fussy TraitSet. Traits _ toddler _ fussy.
Angelic Trait Set. Traits _ toddler _ Angelic.
Wild Trait Set. Traits _ toddler _ Wild.
Inquisitive TraitSet. Traits _ toddler _ Inquisitive.
Clingy TraitSet. Traits _ toddler _ Clingy.
Independent TraitSet. Traits _ toddler _ Independent.
Silly Trait Set. Traits _ toddler _ silly.
Charmer TraitSet. Traits _ toddler _ charme

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People also ask some questions

How To Age Up A Toddler in Sims 4 cheat?

Cheat age up your Sims very fast in an easy way. You no need to bake a cake for a birthday party. Open the cheat console Control+Shift+C & turn testing cheat codes true. Press cas.full _ edit _ mode and hit Modify in CAS. The input age pops up will appears. Put the age value and see aging up of Sims.

Sims 4 How to remove Moodlets?

First of all, choose the active by pressing Shift + Click. Now select reset and debug option. Select the mood you want to remove. Then Move the Sim out of their Home and save the game. Restart the Game and move Sim in the house. This will remove your selected moodlet. You can also remove the moodlet from the MC command center. also, You can retain the older moods of your Sims. You just need to access old files from a directory.

also, you can check Sims 4 Remove Moodlet Completely from this link.

Is there a cheat to increase skills in Sims 4?

You can increase the skills of your Sim at any moment in the game instantly. For that first press Shift + Control + C to open up the Cheat Command. Before entering cheat, enable the testing cheat codes. Then type stats. Sets _ Skill _ Level Major _ ( Enter Your Skill ) _ X ( Enter the Level you want ). You can increase the level of Skills by putting value 10. Also, you can change the Skill level just by changing the number from 1-9.

How to Change toddlers appearance in Sims 4?

If you are controlling your toddler then only you change the appearance of a toddler. Otherwise, you are not able to alter appearance. First Select your toddler by pressing Shift Key. Then click on the Mirror and dresser. The list will pop up and select the Change Appearance option. Then again click on Dresser and Select “ Plan Outfit “.

How do you make your Sims needs full?

To make your Sims Needs to be Fulfilled the best way is to use cheat codes. For that first press Shift + Control + C to open up the Cheat Command. Before entering cheat, enable the testing cheat codes. Select the Sim and review the need for Sims. Then type fills Motive _ NEED and enters Sims Name. If you to fulfill in one way then use code Fill motive _ Make All Happy. If you want to fulfill worlds need then type Fill Motive_ Fill Needs.

Do Sims 4 max child skills cheat?

You can increase the Child’s Social Skills using cheat codes. For that first press Shift + Control + C to open up the Cheat Command. Before entering cheat, enable the testing cheat codes. Then type stats. Sets _ Skill _ Level _ Child _ Social _ X ( Enter the value you want ).  The value can be entered between 1-10. Child skills like motor skill, mental skill, social skill, and creativity skill can be max. But the only thing you need to ensure is the child must be in your control.