Sims 4 Tech Guru Career Mod Download 2020 & You Become A Tech Guru

The Tech Guru Career is one of the best Career in Sims 4. This career is further divided into two parts. One is a Start-Up Entrepreneur and the second is Esport Gamer.

These Career Paths will be enabled from Level 6. Focused Aura is the ideal mood for a career.

Sims 4 Tech Guru Career Cheat

You can improve your Performance using the cheats. These cheats will help you Level up Your Skills. First press Ctrl+ Shift + C then turn Testingcheats and Enter. You can level up with Careers.promote.techGuru.

Sims 4 Esports Gamer

Esports Gamer is Mood for this Career to focused. You should browse Simpedia before starting the work.


This helps to get promoted. The Rewards will give you Aura of Focus. This helps in Livestream from home and Competing in Tournaments.

Sims 4 Pro Gaming Career

Sims 4 Tech Guru Career

You can meet your Fantasy in Reality. Sims as a Pro-Gamer is making a live playing game Competitively. The Sims is not getting 6 figures. But bounties are going higher. The sponsors are also noting that. Programming Skills and gaming Skills helps you to reach Level.

Sims 4 Competitor

As a Tyro Cyber-Athlete, your Sims world is going to change. After the lifetime, training in Basements and Bedrooms are dimly confined. Your Sim is ready to go in World and hit Indoor Stadiums. Playing daily video games will improve your skills.

Sims 4 Start-Up Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Career will give you Massive Television rewards. Again you need to browse for Work. This is helpful to be in the right Mood. The Rewards will also help as long as you enable Programming Auras. Purchase the glass mirror and practicing Speech. This will level Your Sims charisma and Confidence.

Sims 4 Tech Guru Work From home

Work From Home Mode enables the Work from Home option for this career. Working from Home is the same process as that of City Living career. You will receive a notification an hour before whether you want to work from Home or will send your sim. Work from Home as options like create plugins, play modded games, practice programming, etc. The salary and skills requirements will remain the same. 

Sims 4 Writer Career

Writer Career can give you extra Money using Writing Skills. Producing Best Sellers will help you to get more benefits. Creativity is a good choice of trait for this career. Further, you can select a Journalist Branch or Author. This career needs good charisma skill sets.