Make Different Types of Magical Tea To Changing Emotions In Sims 4 Tea

You can influence your Sims’ emotions in a variety of ways. One of them is tea drinking. The Tea Magic Personal Brewer allows you to brew a total of 6 different teas. The Tea Magic Personal Brewer costs  §220 and can be purchased in the kitchen appliances section.

Three cups of tea make form a pot of tea. The tea will deteriorate 10 hours after your Sim has made it. You can keep a cup of tea in the refrigerator to make it last longer. The quality of the tea is unimportant; you can’t alter it with your skills anyway, therefore the quality is purely random.

Where Can I Get a Tea Magic Personal Brewer?

In Build Mode, there are a few different ways to locate the Tea Magic Personal Brewer.

Navigate to the following path:

  1. Objects by Room > Kitchen > Kitchen Appliances
  2. Objects by Function > Appliances > Kitchen Appliances
  3. Search for the Tea Magic Personal Brewer in the Search Bar
  4. Objects for Function > Show All

Tea Magic Personal Brewer is a personal brewer that brews tea.

It is available for $275. It can also only be used on counters.

Simply reading the description would lead you to believe that this tea brewer is fantastic. Sims have a variety of options to choose from. It functions similarly to the coffee machines in the game, except with tea instead of coffee. Teas, unlike coffee makers, affect numerous emotions rather than just one.

The Tea Magical Personal Brewer: What You Need to Know

  1. It contains all of the basic appliance options: Clean, Empty, Upgrade, and Repair
  2. Anyone above the age of ten can use the Tea Magic Personal Brewer.
  3. It makes 3 cups of tea. There are 6 tea selections in the main game, with more included in DLC packs.
  4. DLC packs include additional tea moodlets.
  5. There are four high-quality tea options that are not dependent on cooking ability: Spoiled, Poor, Normal, and Excellent
  6. The tea will be served in a standard mug, which will need to be washed later.
  7. On community lots, Sims can make tea.
  8. Tea Magical can be sabotaged by Sims with the Tormentor trait. Brewery on your own
  9. Because tea moodlets do not stack, simply drink another cup of tea to change the Sim’s emotion. Only if the brewer has been updated will the inspired moodlet overcome the other tea moodlets.
  10. If free will is not disabled, Sims can make tea on their own.
  11. Tea will make you hungry, but it will also make your bladder empty quickly.

Sims 4 Tea Inspired

Creative Sims will get Inspired many times. You can get easily Very inspired by drinking tea and coffee.

The inspiration for Sims is very helpful for various Sim Careers. Drinking cappuccino you can get inspired for 14 hrs. Green tea made in Brewer will inspire for 24 hrs.


Sims Tea Brewer

Sims 4 Tea

You can purchase Tea Magic, Personal Brewer, from Build mode. You can brew all types of tea at the touch of a button. Brewer is like a Programmable Timer. It comes with Cup and Pot settings and a lemon twist. You can brew three cups of tea at a time.

Sims 4 Upgrade Parts

For the tea brewer, the Add Stick-Free Pot and the Self-Cleaning essentially perform the same thing. With these changes, the tea brewer will no longer need to be cleaned. It’s preferable to use the Add Stick-Free Pot.

The update to Add Infuser destroys the purpose of the brewer. The brewer is employed to express a particular emotion. A fresh tea option, rather than a randomly inspired moodlet, would have been preferable. Players might have selected when to receive the inspired moodlet this way.

Self-cleaning and Add Stick-Free pot has the same function as a Tea brewer. You do not have to clean your brewer with these upgrades. Add free-stick pot is better than Self-cleaning. Adding an Infuser will eliminate the purpose of the brewer. Making tea brewer unbreakable is needed. This is helpful if you want to stack moodlets.

The tea brewer could have benefited from a significant improvement that made it unbreakable. This is necessary because the brewer tends to break after a few uses. If you needed to stack moodlets, this might be beneficial.

Upgrading the Tea Magical Personal Brewer isn’t really worth it. If you do decide to upgrade, I recommend the Add Stick-Free Pot since it is the most useful because it eliminates the need to clean the brewer in the future.

Sims 4 Tea Effects

Tea has positive effects but it also affects negatively your Bladder. Various effects of tea are as follows:

  1. Hot Tea: You can do anything after drinking it.
  2. Green Tea: This tea will give you curative effects.
  3. Pitch Black Tea: This will your Sim stay Focused.
  4. Oolong Tea: This will Boosts your Sims Energy.

Sims 4 Tea Emotions

In Sims 4, you can change your Sims emotions by drinking different Tea. Following are the emotions of sim according to a type of tea:

  1. Pitch Black Tea: Your Sim will get Focused Emotion for 4hrs.
  2. Oolong Tea: You will get Energized emotion for 4 hrs.
  3. Earl Grey, Hot Tea: Your Sim will get Confident Emotion.
  4. Calming Chamomile Tea: It will reduce the Anger Emotion of Sim.

Sims 4 Tea to Cure Illness

In Sims 4, different types of tea are helpful to cure the illness of Sims. Some of them are stated below:

  1. Angry: Drinking Healthy Green Tea will make your Sim happy.
  2. Tensed: You can drink Chamomile Tea to get your Sim Calm.
  3. Discomfort: Earl Grey Hot Tea will let your Sim do anything.
  4. Dazed: Drinking Oolong Tea will give your Sim Energy.

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