Use Sims 4 Master Controller You Can Controller Sims 4 Story Progression

As we all know in Sims 3 there was an awesome story progression feature. In Sims 3 when your sim is playing its game the other sims are also getting aged, having children, doing business and does all other stuff. You can also download and activate story progression in Sims. Story progression Sims 4 works in a way where other scenes are also getting aged together with your sim. 

You can’t get as many features as Sims 3 in Sims 4 story progression. But yeah there are so many ways to make it happen. There are so many new Sims story progression Mod available on the internet.

Story progression helps you to synchronize your sims’ world in a similar way where everybody around you is also updating with you differently day by day life in sims.


The sims 4 master controller

You can also download the Sims master controller to make your story progression better. there might be a question in your mind about how to turn on story progression Sims 4 using MC command? MC master controller sims 4 can be accessed by your sim’s computer or you can use it by clicking on your sim too.

Sims story progression mccc gives many items to make better story progression. Some of them are cleaner, career, population, pregnancy, etc. In the latest story progression makes your gaming experience more wonderful. The master controller helps you to perform story progression more easily. 

Sims 4 story progression

Without any mods, sims will just get aged and die without any other story progression. Sims 4 story progression mccc gives you the facility where you can click on a sim and then you have to go to MC Pregnancy setting. You can Mark them for Marriage and/or Mark for Pregnancy. This process is not going to happen immediately.