Sims 4 Space Mission & Improve Your Skills With Build Your Rocket Ship

Sims 4 Space Mission requires the Space Rockets to explore the space. You can buy Space rockets for 6000 Simoleons. Each time Space rocket damage in Space missions has to be repaired.

For sims 4 Space Mission, Sims must have Science Skills. Also, Sims must have Skill of Rocket Science to upgrade the Rockets.

Sims 4 Astronaut Career

Astronaut career is the toughest career in Sims 4 to get promoted. Sims need Rocket Science Skill along with Fitness for Career. As an Astronaut your Sim must need Space Ship. Completing the daily sims 4 Space mission is needed to build Space Ship.

Astronaut careers have two further branches: Interstellar smugglers and Space rangers. The Ideal Mood for Astronaut Career is Staying Energized.

How to Build a Rocket Ship In Sims 4?

Sims 4 Space Mission

Sims can build a rocket in Sims 4. Rocket is built in three parts. The bottom part, middle part, and top part. Rocket Science Skill is needed to build a Rocketship. Various chance cards in Sim 4 helps Sims to build faster.

How to Get a Sixam In Sims 4?

The World Of Sixam is the hidden area in Sims 4. Here you can collect rare objects and meet aliens. You can visit The Sixam in two ways. Scientist career or via rocket science. Two crystal and precious metals are found in Sixam. You can collect Six Piece Geodes in Sixam. These help you to go back home and boost the environment. Wormhole Generator in Sixam helps to come back.

Sims 4 Interstellar Smuggler

Astronaut’s career is divided into two: Interstellar Smuggler and Space Ranger. The ideal mood for Interstellar Smuggler is energized. The items you get will give Sims Confident aura. The interstellar Smuggler earns more money than a space ranger. So it means Sims have to work hard for more hours. Interstellar Smuggler also has to complete the daily space mission to improve.