Download Sims 4 Selectable Pets Mod Get Your Favorite Payable Pets

Selectable Pets allows your Sims 4 to select and play as pets. You can also select behaviors and needs. Your Sim can also take control of the pets. The mod does not alter or fix any pet interactions of the game. Also, the Selectable Pets mod does not fix issues of the game. To use Selectable Pets mod you need to use Updated Version of Game.

Sims 4 Dragon Pet Mod

Dragon Pet Mod allows the Sims to turn the Birds into Dragons. Your Sims can teach Birds to talk and feed them. This will increase the charismatic skills.

The Dragons can have their food in a cage. The Dragons can be edited for gameplay. The textures of Sims 3 Dragons can be used in Sims 4.


Sims 4 Pet Size Mod

Pet Size Mod adds the pet leg and body sliders in Sims 4. Y​_our Sims can edit the sizes of Dogs and Cats using Sliders. Using sliders the dogs can be transformed into Puppies. Also, body sliders can be used for Human Sims.

Sims 4 Ownable Cars

Sims 4 Selectable Pets

Ownable Cars mod adds five cars in Sims 4 ranging from 10k – 20k Simoleons. You can access Cars from the hobbies and activities section. You can place Cars on terrains. also, You can drive a car using Drive To option.

How To Install Selectable Pets Mod in Sims 4

To install Selectable Pet Mod first you need to update the Game. The Mod will not run in the older version.  The Mod has the Functionality of Script. Follow the steps to install the Mod:

  1. Enable Script Mods in your Game Settings. 
  2. Unzip the file in Docs/ Sims 4/ Folder. Make sure you don’t extract the ts4script file.
  3. Do not put the ts4script file in the subfolder of the game. Otherwise, the mods will not work properly.