Download Sims 4 Secret Agent Career Mod & Enjoy New Lifestyle Tracks

sims 4 Secret Agent Career is the only career out of 10 careers which comprises 11 levels (Highest of All), while Sims 4 Diamond Agent Career has 10 levels. simple to increase your level just download sims 4 secret agent career mod.

The first 7 levels of sims 4 Secret Agent Career need the Ideal Mood ‘Focused’; you surely have to be meticulous as there are differences in two Sim Traits required for promotion:

  • Browsing Intelligence
  • Friendly Interactions

Browsing Intelligence’(under Web on the Computer) takes a longer time, so managing your time here is important. But you have a great advantage here as your Sim gets a Focused Moodlet if they work diligently.

Focus Moodlet will help villains and will last for 2 days. To build and satisfy the Friendly Interactions, you can play chess and actively talk to your chess partner, drink black tea or browse ‘Simpedia’ on the computer.

Sims 4 Diamond Agent Branch

This gives you a task that brings fun and happiness, Romance Interactions. Also, by giving a chair/computer both can help them build Charisma. In a nutshell, this is a Career with interesting pay and bonuses as compared to Villains requiring only 3 days at work, although are longest from all the careers.

Sims 4 Secret Agent Career

Don’t miss romance before you go to work. Although the daily task is romance, the desired mood remains focused which depicts that still needs to work to increase your performance. 

Sims 4 Villain Branch

The Villain Branch’s Ideal Mood is ‘Focused’.

I proficiently say this to be the Best Career and Best Choice of the two branches. The only thing it misses is a computer. As the Villain Branch wishes you to reach Level 6 by being subtle in the want for Mischief Skill, by the end of the branch, makes it your daily task by creating the ebullience for Charisma

Since Focus doesn’t help gain Mischief skill, you may have to avoid the 2 Day Focus Moodlet when trying to build Mischief skill.