Download Sims 4 Secret Agent Career Mod & Lifestyle Tracks

The only Career in The Sims 4’s Secret Agent Career Track has 11 levels (Villain Branch). Typically, Diamond Agent has 10. This Career Guide will outline the many ideal states, regular duties, prerequisites for advancement, and a comparison of incentives for each profession. Here are the first seven career levels that require a focused ideal mood.

The first 7 levels of the sims 4 Secret Agent Career need the Ideal Mood ‘Focused’; you surely have to be meticulous as there are differences in two Sim Traits required for promotion:

  • Browsing Intelligence
  • Friendly Interactions

The desired attributes are somewhat varied between the two groups as a result of the variances in the Promotion Requirements. To help your Sim become Focused, choosing Genius is better overall for both Careers. Self Assured will be quite helpful for Diamond Agents, as would anything that boosts Charisma. Hot-Headed can benefit villains because enraged Sims level mischief more quickly.


Browsing Intelligence’(under Web on the Computer) takes a longer time, so managing your time here is important. But you have a great advantage here as your Sim gets a Focused Moodlet if they work diligently.

Focus Moodlet will help villains and will last for 2 days. To build and satisfy Friendly Interactions, you can play chess and actively talk to your chess partner, drink black tea or browse ‘Simpedia’ on the computer.

Sims 4 Diamond Agent Branch

The ideal mindset for a diamond agent is focused. They get a mid-range computer, and the chair and computer both emit a confident aura that can assist them in developing charisma and helping them with romantic and friendly interactions. The excellent tuxedo shown above is included, but the rest is decorated. 

Sims 4 Secret Agent Career

Overall, compared to villains, this is a fairly straightforward Career with few noteworthy benefits. Even though they only require three days of work, the shifts they work are the longest of any Career so far.

This gives you a task that brings fun and happiness, Romance Interactions. Also, giving a chair/computer can help them build Charisma. In a nutshell, this is a Career with interesting pay and bonuses as compared to Villains requiring only 3 days at work, although are the longest of all the careers.

Don’t miss romance before you go to work. Although the daily task is romance, the desired mood remains focused which depicts that still need to work to increase your performance. 

The aim might be to have your character continually romance everyone in the town, but romancing your Sim’s partner works just as well. In fact, by the time you get to this branch, it is advised that you have a live-in SO. 

Make careful to wrap up your romance before leaving for work. Although the daily task may involve romance, the intended emotion is still concentrated, thus acting flirtatious when you get to work won’t raise your performance standards. 

This branch’s last level has an unusual timetable change. Don’t expect to do anything else on those days for that sim despite the big income because you must work three 15-hour days a week.

Sims 4 Villain Branch

Focused is the ideal state for the villain. This can be assisted by playing Chess, drinking Pitch Black tea from the Tea Brewer, and browsing Simipedia on the computer. This Branch earns a lot more money than the other Branch, but the auras of its rewards are playful. 

Only a $13,000 chair, a statue, and a decorative freeze ray are present (all Playful Auras). The other things in the aforementioned images are all from the Career’s first seven levels. This is, in my opinion, the superior option overall and the simpler of the two branches. The PC is essentially the only thing lacking. Early on, you get access to the best Secret Agent skills. By utilizing a computer to “Troll the Forums” at level 2, level up mischief.