Sims 4 Roommate Mod Update Living Download With Unlimited roommate

Sims 4 Roommate Mod allows your friends to live together in a room. You also study at the same university too. You can travel with your roommates whenever you want. Your roommates are NPC’s so you can invite them to events.

Sims 4 Kawaiistacie Roommate Mod

Kawaiistacie Mod allows 12 roommates in a room without having control. But you use a roommate’s menu to command them to do anything.

Your roommates will perform like a normal sim. They can leave to get to the workplace if you allow them.

Sims 4 Roommate Mod Not Working

It may happen in-game that your roommates are moved in Empty houses. This means your mod is not working properly. You can fix these problems in two ways. One is to cancel the roommate agreement or reload your backup and fix settings. This makes them homeless and makes roommates again.

Sims 4 Roommates Needs

Sims 4 Roommate Mod

You will receive a message if the needs of roommates are not met. You need to fulfill the needs of your roommates. You must have enough bathrooms, bed and other spaces. If basic needs are not fulfilled then your roommates will leave.

Sims 4 University Mod

Sims: Discover University mod gives you two types of roommates. The first is which automatically stays in university housing. This can be in the Specified housing lot or on campus. Another way is to gain roommates through advertisements. This allows your sim to know new roommates. To use this feature you don’t need to go to university.

Sims 4 University Cheat

Using University Cheats will allow your Sim to progress faster. Cheats also improves the skills of Sims. Press Ctrl+ Shift+ C and run testingcheats.true. Then enter careers.promote.career_adult_education to improve education career. Cheats help you to maximize the skill level using Numbers.