Sims 4 Remove Moodlet Completely & Guide For Delete Mod In One Click

As you Update the Sims 4 then you might face the issues. The patches and Custom Contents might not work properly. So you need to Remove Moodlet and Install again. You can remove moodlets in various ways. Also, you can some Some Mods to remove moodlets. Potion Of Youth can be used to remove Moodlets.

Sims 4 Cheats to Remove Moodlets

You can Remove the Moodlets using Cheat Codes. This is the quickest way to remove it. Press Control + Shift + C and press Enter. Then Turn on the testing cheats codes.

Now select the Sim whom you want to make Happy. Once you click the Cheat Overrides the Sadness out of Full Mood.


Sims 4 Moodlet Stuck

Moodlet Stuck causes your Sims to remain completely Happy and Positive. This occurs due to bugs in the Game or Mods. So to fix this error, delete all the cache files. Repair your Sims 4 from Origin and restart multiple times. This will disable your Cheats and Moodlets won’t get stuck.

Sims 4 Remove Sad Moodlet

Sims 4 Remove Moodlet

Teen and Older Sims might get Sad due to Sadness Hotline. To remove Sad Moodlet take your Sim to any mirror. Give your Sims a Pep Talk in Mirror. Like Sadness hotline, the spamming Pep Talk can decrease the Sadness. The length of mourning will gradually decrease. Hence, your Sim will make way for Positive Moodlet.

Sims 4 Cheat Emotions

You can change your Sims Emotions along with moodlet cheats. You can replace high for Low to get +1 moodlet. First turn on the testing cheats. Some of the cheat codes to change emotions are:

  1. Energized: sims.add_buff_energized_ high
  2. Confident: Sims.add_buff_confident_ high
  3. Flirty: sims.add_buff_flirty_ high
  4. Sad: sims.add_buff_sad
  5. Angry: sims.add_buff_angry
  6. Unfaithful: sims.add_buff_unfaithful
  7. Happy: sims.add_buff_happy
  8. Embarrass: sims.add_buff_embarrass
  9. Bore: sims.add_buff_bore
  10. Uncomfortable: sims.add_buff_uncomfortable.