Download New 2020 Sims 4 Potion Of Youth Mod & Get immortality Cheat

You can make your Sims live in Sims 4 and you can do it either using cheats or without it also you can set the age of your Sims back by using satisfaction points. It is helpful to complete a challenge in Sim 4.

Sims 4 How To Get Potion Of Youth

You can get Potion Of Youth from the rewards store in Sims 4 aspiration panel. For the potion of youth, you have to spend 1500 Satisfaction Points.

You can earn points by completing Whims. You can also complete Aspiration for purchasing points.

Sims 4 How To Get Potion Of Youth Cheat

The Potion Of Youth lowers your Sims age by one instantly. So if you are a toddler, you will be teen by drinking a potion. You can find this in the Potion Section of Build Mode.


You can get this Unlimited by Pressing Control+Shift+C. Enter testing.cheats.enabled. Then look for Potion in Build Mode and drink it. 

Sims 4 Drinking Potion Of Youth

Drinking Potion Of youth can only reset your Sims life to the beginning. But it cannot reset Sims’ life to young adulthood. So drinking potion as an elder, you will bring back to the elder life stage. This helps your Sims to live longer. If you want to stay as an Adult then take potion in time. You can buy potions many times. But this will costs you lots of Satisfaction points.

Sims 4 Age Down

Sims 4 Potion Of Youth

There are some ways to get a potion of youth. You can use cheats to get man satisfaction points to buy Potion of Youth: sims.give_satisfaction_points1500.

You can also use bb.show_hidden_objects to get potions of youth for free. Your Sim can be turned into Ghosts to slow down the age. For this, you have to use cosmetics.

Sims 4 Immortal Trait Cheat

Your Sim can remain immortal using a simple cheat code. You can turn On or Off aging. To turn off press Control+Shift+C and press enter. This will bring a text box on your screen. Type Aging off and press enter. This will help you to stop the age of Sim. The aging bar will still you how many days sims pass. To turn on aging follow the same steps.

Sims 4 Aging Mods

In Sims 4 there are two Aging Mods which are Immortal and Eternal Buyable Trait. These traits are made by Vitopiresia at These traits are available for 6000 and 8000 satisfaction points each. Both mods are permanent. Eternal mods stop the aging of your Sim. Immortal Mod will stop your Sim from being Reaper.