Download Sims 4 Political Career Mod & How To Become Politician Guide

Political Career in Sims 4 allows you to select either to be a good person or Leader. Confidence is the Ideal mood for Political Career. This mood gets all Sims to believe in you. You can also work from home to get paid. Spend time to talk with Sims in the best trait for Political Career.

Sims 4 Political Career Promotion Cheat

You can promote your level in Political Career using Cheat codes. Press Control + Shift + C and turn on the testing cheats. Type careers.promote.adult_politician and press enter. The rank of your Sim will go up.

Sims 4 Political Career Aspiration

To get to the Political Career there are no Direct Aspirations. Instead, you have to maximize your Charisma Level. This will be Best for Friend To World Aspiration to make more friends. Spend more time time to talk with them to get Votes. So getting more friends is the best Aspiration.

Sims 4 Secure Votes

Sims 4 Political Career

Securing Votes is the best part of Politician Career. You can Secure Votes by making more friends in Town. Promote your Policies to make other Sims comfortable. Once they know, Sims will vote for you. Just make friends and Promote Policies.

Sims 4 How to Promote Cause

Sims can select one of five causes at any time. Click on the Sims to select a Cause. The cause can be changed at any time. After selecting Cause, Start Protesting for cause and talk about it. Check the support for a cause in Menu. If you reach level 5 you will lose some ability.

Sims 4 Business Career

Business career has Management and Fund Raising Branches. Charisma and logic skills are required for Business. Confidence and Energized is the Ideal mood for Business Career. Special Traits are not needed for a Business career. Popularity Aspiration is helpful to increase the charisma level.