Quickly Find Sims 4 Plasma Fruit Packs & Grow Your Garden For vampires

The Sims 4: Vampires Game Pack introduced a whole new way of life for your Sims, as well as a whole new task for feeding them: cheval fruit. Vampires dislike eating conventional food and require plasma in their diet to thrive. They can obtain plasma by biting humans, eating plasma fruit, or purchasing plasma packs, therefore knowing where to find sims 4 plasma fruit will keep other Sims from despising you!

The Sims 3: Late Night and The Sims 4: Vampires include Plasma Fruit as a new meal. Vampires drink it to quench their thirst.
Plasma Fruit Sims Pink in color is designed to help Vampires satisfy their thirst.

How to Get Sims 4 Plasma Fruit and Sims 4 Plasma Tree?

There are two ways to get Plasma Fruit:

  1. You can buy  Sims 4 Plasma Fruit as long as you have reached Vampire Lore Skill Level 8, which is in the Vampire section and costs §300.
  2. Thanks to the easiest way to notice  Sims 4 Plasma fruit outside the fence behind Vlad’s house within Forgotten Hollow as plasma trees are there. They glow bright pink, hence they are clearly visible.


You can grow sims plasma fruit by harvesting and growing a Plasma Fruit Tree to get fruits, so there will be no need to buy extra.

How to make Sims 4 Plasma Packs?

Sims 4 Plasma Fruit

If your vampire sim is thirsty and you’re short on cash, you can purchase plasma packets from the computer’s vampire secrets department. These packs cost $50 each and will quench a small amount of vampire thirst.

As a vampire, this is not a very sustainable way to live, thus it’s preferable to buy fruit and grow your own. If you don’t want to pay for plasma packs, you can make them out of fish and frogs!

Sims 4 Plasma Fruit Recipes

Plasma fruit can be used to make a variety of foods and beverages. The most essential is the U Ultimate Vampire Heal, which uses Wolfsbane, Garlic, and Plasma Fruit to cure your sim from being a vampire.

You can also prepare Plasma Fruit Salad to quench a vampire’s thirst, as well as drinks from the bar such as Plasma Jane and the Sunlight Reversal Cocktail.

Sims 4 Wolfsbane

Sims 4 Wolfsbane is a flower. Once used as an ingredient in food and drink it will have an effect in a good way. You will notice it  in Forgotten Hollow, or purchase it through a computer in §6

Sims Plasma Fruit Salad

Sims Plasma Fruit Salad, This recipe can solely be created by Sims who hold  Level 9 Vampire Lore Skill and have a Plasma Fruit available. It’s a  Tasty Vampire Dish.

The Sims 4 Plasma Jane drink

The sims 4 Plasma Jane drink is also used to satisfy thirst.

Sims Plasma Fruit Salad and Plasma Jane collectively satisfy concerning maximum thirst one Plasma Pack, can give a happiness moodlet.

Plasma Fruit can be substituted for any fruit in any recipe. It can also be used to make special drinks or meals for vampires. All drinks and food will deteriorate in 10 hours if not refrigerated.

Plasma Fruit Salad can quench your thirst. If prepared with high cooking skills, it can produce the Delicious Vampire Dish! moodlet (+1 happiness), and up to 8 servings can be made with a single fruit. You can also use the Plasma Jane drink to quench your thirst. It takes a little longer to drink this time, but it can give you the Smooth Sipping moodlet (+1 happiness).

The Plasma Fruit Salad (30) and Plasma Jane (25) both quench vampire thirst significantly less than a single plasma pack order placed through the computer (37.5). Sunlight Reversal Cocktails can also be created with Plasma Fruit and two garlic cloves.

The drink grants a vampire the Daywalker’s Delight moodlet, which grants +3 Energized and allows the vampire to replenish energy instead of losing it for four hours while exposed to sunlight. The Smooth Sipping moodlet can be gifted with this cocktail. The Draught of Reconfiguration can be used to reset Vampire Powers and is produced of two plasma fruit, two garlic, and two wolfsbanes.

Finally, ten plasma fruit, ten garlic, and ten wolfsbanes make up The Ultimate Vampire Cure. Naturally, this heals any Sim of vampirism. If a non-vampire sim eats Plasma Fruit (or food containing it), they gain a negative modifier called “Foul Fruit,” which makes them feel uneasy for 30 minutes.