Sims 4 Photography Mod Download & Improve Photography Skills Controls

Sims 4 Photography starts for free by using the Take Photo option available in the bottom-left corner of the game. It comes with the first-person view of The Sims.

Now, you have to make your Sim Creative so that they’ll get Inspired buffs which help in improving Photography skills and for that, you need to buy a camera and another option is you need to download Sims 4 Photography mod

There are three types of cameras available in Buy Mode. The better is the camera, the higher the quality of Photos. You can take a picture of anything by moving a camera around and picture which will be saved as an object in your Sim’s inventory and as a screenshot in your Game folder.


sims 4 camera controls

The controlling camera is a little bit confusing so in Photo Mode use the mouse wheel for Zoom  Out & In. Also, you can left-click to move from camera to controlling mouse. This allows you to alter photo size (Large/Small), photo orientation (Landscape/Portrait) or disable the flash. You can also apply filters to the photo once taken, or apply frame to change it looks. Pictures can either be hung on the wall to decorate your home or can be sold at retail. 

sims 4 photography

how to improve photography skills

If you want to increase your Photography skills then make sure your Sim is inspired while leveling up. For that, you have two ways either Take Photos or Selfies Or Take pictures at Photo studio.

Photo Studio

With this object, you may turn the retail store into Studio. The Photo Studio will let you earn an extra income. From a profit point of view, tending a photo studio is a bad way to earn money, but when you select a photo from your retail lot, you can earn quite a bit from the commission and then photo combined.

Sims Moschino Stuff

Sims Moschino Stuff is designed for taking professional shots that come with a simple backdrop that comes in various patterns and solid colors along with digital backdrop which comes in two pieces; a curved piece & a flat piece which you can fully wrap around your scene. sims Moschino stuff is also part of Sims 4 Photography. The backgrounds have various effects and are also animated. With all these advanced tools, your tyro photograph can become a professional one.