New Sims 4 Part Time Jobs For Teens & Adults & Highest Paid With Mod

Part time Jobs in Sims 4 is available to young adults and adults for a short time. A part-time job has fewer working Hours. Hence it pays less than Full Time Job. Job Panel in-game will show the Part Time Job option. Baby Sitter, Barista, fast-food employee, etc are sims 4 part time jobs.

Sims 4 Manual Laborer

The Manual Laborer is Type of Part time job in Sims 4 for young ones. Sims can work as Manual Laborer on weekends. There are 3 career branches in Manual Laborer. They are Landscaper, Lawn Mower, and Backside operator. Sims can earn 70 Simoleons reaching level 3.

Sims 4 Teen Careers


Teens in Sims 4 have 5 choices of Careers. These choices will not help Sims in any future career. Using phones or computers Teens can select their jobs. Promotions or Skills are mandating in some careers. The information about the job can be view in the School section. Sims can take leave from jobs at any time.

Sims 4 Fast Food Career

Fast Food Employee job is a Part Time Job for Teens. Teens work in Rabbit Hole Fast Food Restaurant as a part time. There are 3 branches in Fast Food. They are Fry Cook, Food Service Cashier, and Table cleaner. Sims can earn 16 Simoleons per hour. Cooking Skills are needed for Fast Food career.

Sims 4 Highest Paying Job

sims 4 part time jobs

Highest Paying Job in Sims 4 is Interstellar Smuggler, Criminal & Secret agent. For Interstellar Smuggler, you need logic Skills & Rocket Science Skills. Sims can earn 14K Simoleons per week in Interstellar Smuggler’s career. For Secret Agent, you need Computing skills & Charismatic Skills. Sims can earn 12k simoleons per week as Secret Agent. In Criminal Career Sims need to be handiness. Sims can earn 11K simoleons per week as Criminals.