New Sims 4 Part Time Jobs For Teens & Adults & Highest Paid With Mod

The Sims 4 is a live simulation, and much like in real life, jobs are necessary, for better or worse. But for semi-retired, teenage, and other free-spirited sims wishing to make some simoleons without the pressure of a 5 day a week routine, part-time jobs may just be the ideal option to direct your gameplay.

Part-time Jobs in Sims 4 are available to young adults and adults for a short time. A part-time job has fewer working Hours. Hence it pays less than Full Time Job. Job Panel in-game will show the Part Time Job option. Baby Sitter, Barista, fast-food employee, etc are sims 4 part-time jobs.

In Sims 4, how can you find a new part-time job?

In The Sims 4, finding a part-time job is just as simple as finding a full-time one (if real life were that simple!). The simplest way to obtain part-time employment is to use your Sim’s permanently associated smartphone.

Just select the phone symbol. There is a button that reads, “Find a Job.” You’ll see a pop-up box with a career selection option. Depending on the discipline, several career paths are separated. There are various choices for establishing professions within each track. But you should restrict your search to part-time employment. To achieve this, move your cursor to the right tab, as seen in the figure above.

You will see the job description, working hours, and hourly salary once you select a part-time option.

Alternately, you might use a computer or Sim’s career panel to conduct a job search.

What Part-Time Jobs Are There in The Sims 4?

There are enough part-time employment opportunities in The Sims 4 to meet the demands of the majority of players, however, there aren’t many. The Sims 4: Island Living expansion pack adds three more part-time employees to the original game’s total of five part-time occupations.

Base Game Jobs, Part-Time

sims 4 part time jobs

Part-time jobs in the base game, like many jobs in The Sims 4, are rabbit holes, which means that if you send your sim off, they will vanish off-screen while working and earning money, then reappear when their shift is over. Rabbit holes for part-time occupations are useful if you’re playing a family and attempting to manage numerous sims or just want a break from directing your sims, even if they’re less immersive than active careers or semi-active careers.

Keep in mind that some of these part-time positions only operate on weekends and others offer two possible shifts. Each part-time job in the main game also has three career levels, with the final promotion requiring a level of a certain ability up to level 2.

Sims 4 Jobs, Part-Time

  • Babysitter
  • Barista
  • Speedy Food Employee
  • Employee 
  • Manual Laborer
  • Fisherman (Island Living), 
  • Lifeguard (Island Living), 
  • Retail Employee 

Sims 4 Jobs, Part-Time (Kawaiistacie)

Everyone is aware that some of the top Sims 4 Script mods are produced by Kawaiistacie. More part-time careers will be added to your game by this update. The salary ranges from $25 to $30 per hour for the very basic jobs that are offered. In this mod, the amount of time for teenage Sims is particularly reduced. You can only work now from 5:00 to 7:00.

  • Part-Time Jobs Available
  • Chuck E Cheese
  • Walmart
  • Pizza Hut
  • Sephora
  • Chick-Fil-A
  • Mc Donald’s
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Subway
  • Build a bear
  • Game Stop
  • Pet smart
  • Target
  • Hot topic
  • Starbucks
  • Victoria Secret
  • Forever 21
  • Dairy Queen

Sims 4 Temporary Jobs (TwilightSims)

Six new part-time careers are added to the game by this update. These positions are modelled after their equivalents in prior Sims games. Your household’s elders, adults, and teenagers can all pursue careers. The Sims 4 Season Update may be consulted.

Sims 4 Manual Laborer

The Manual Laborer is Type of Part time job in Sims 4 for young ones. Sims can work as Manual Laborer on weekends. There are 3 career branches in Manual Laborer. They are Landscaper, Lawn Mower, and Backside operator. Sims can earn 70 Simoleons reaching level 3.

Sims 4 Teen Careers

Teens in Sims 4 have 5 choices of Careers. These choices will not help Sims in any future career. Using phones or computers Teens can select their jobs. Promotions or Skills are mandating in some careers. The information about the job can be view in the School section. Sims can take leave from jobs at any time.

Sims 4 Fast Food Career

Fast Food Employee job is a Part Time Job for Teens. Teens work in Rabbit Hole Fast Food Restaurant as a part time. There are 3 branches in Fast Food. They are Fry Cook, Food Service Cashier, and Table cleaner. Sims can earn 16 Simoleons per hour. Cooking Skills are needed for Fast Food career.

Sims 4 Highest Paying Job

Highest Paying Job in Sims 4 is Interstellar Smuggler, Criminal & Secret agent. For Interstellar Smuggler, you need logic Skills & Rocket Science Skills. Sims can earn 14K Simoleons per week in Interstellar Smuggler’s career. For Secret Agent, you need Computing skills & Charismatic Skills. Sims can earn 12k simoleons per week as Secret Agent. In Criminal Career Sims need to be handiness. Sims can earn 11K simoleons per week as Criminals.