Sims 4 Paintings Mod Download For Hidden Posters & Custom Paintings

Painting in Sims 4 is the easiest way to earn more money. Mastering the skills in Painting is needed. For that, your Sim has to take a job in Painter Career. Higher Painting quality will boost the Success of Sims. The master painter makes serious paintings of two easels. This unlocks special abilities which allow them to earn more.

Sims 4 Easel Paintings

Sims can access only one easel painting when they begin. Also, they can paint only one classic painting with it. The other types of paintings will unlock as your Sim Progress. Paintings are influenced by Sims Emotions.

There are a total of six special emotion paintings to paint. Additional Easels are unlocked as Sims advances in painter career.

How To Become Focused in Sims 4?

Sims get the genius traits of being Focused randomly. You can easily get very focused while staying at the house. Because at home, the easy aura options are available. But it is harder to get. Game and expansion packs add easy options to become Focused. Your Sims can become Focused through auras and actions. Focused Mood is useful emotions in Fishing, Logic, Gardening, Handiness, etc.


How To Get Focused Sims 4?

Your Sim can Get Focused using Expansion Pack in various ways as follows:

  1. Play Video Games.
  2. Study Fossils, Books, and Elements.
  3. Listen to Music.
  4. Play Chess and Ponder over chess.
  5. Drink Distill water for a clear mind.
  6. Calibrate Electro flux Generator.
  7. Focus Club Vibe and potion.
  8. Be a Master in Pumpkins.
  9. Emotion Paintings.
  10. Productive school days.

These are some of the things that you can surely found in Sims 4.

What Skills Do You Need to Be Painter In Sims 4?

Skills make your Sims paint very easily and quickly. The following are the skills that are required:

  1. Make your Sim Inspired by discussing color theory with other Sims.
  2. You can Create low Skill Abstract and Real paintings like classic paintings.
  3. Create a low skill Impressionistic and Surrealism paintings like Pop Art Paintings.
  4. Create High Classic Paintings.
  5. Be Perfectionist so that Sim can produce high rating paintings.
  6. Art Loving Moodlets will admire your Sim to be handy.
  7. Creative Trait helps your Sims to gain painting Skills with fun gains.
  8. For emotional paintings, Expressionistic Trait is needed to enable your Sim mood.

Sims 4 Emotional Paintings

Sims 4 Paintings


When your Sims Completes the Painter Extraordinary aspiration. Your Sim will receive the Expressionistic reward traits. There are a total of Six emotional Paintings in Sims 4. The expressionistic Trait allows your Sim to make emotional work. The trait stops your sim from being sad, angry, frustrated, etc. These traits help your Sim to feel the emotion you want to make them feel. So it helps your Sim to paint Emotional Paintings around Sims House. However, this trait will not help your sim for the long term. You have to paint emotional paintings after reaching level 4. 

Career Promotion Cheat Sims 4

You can promote your Sims artistic career in a painting by using cheats. Press Shift + Control + C and press enter. Turn On the testingcheatcodes. Now enter Careers.Promote.Painter. Also, you can tweak the emotions of Sims to make the emotional paintings easily. Promoting the painting Skills will also be helpful to get inspired. To level up the painting skill enter Stats.Sets.Skill, LevelMajor. Painting.

Sims 4 Art Career

You can be a Painter by leveling your Painting Skills. Painting Skill helps you to earn more money. You can make classical or easel paintings of your choice. Get to work Expansion pack will help you to sell a masterpiece at high rates. You can also opt for a Hiring agent. As a painter, you have to paint daily to improve your Skill Sets.