Best Guide For Sims 4 Notebook & Fix Notebook Button Missing Patch

Notebook in Sims 4 gives your Sims Instructions to do the daily tasks. The Notebook icon is available at the top of the phone. Notebook contains the very Important information on Sims. You access the details using Notebook.

Sims 4 Notebook Fishing

The Fishing Folder contains the list of Fishes written in Notebook. Also, the number of bait caught is listed on the left of the Notebook. The first 99 numbers in Notebook shows Lilies in Inventory. The second number shows the lilies needed to catch trout.

Sims 4 Notebook Button Missing

When Gardner research for the plant to study, Notebook Icon will pop-up. There you can find the Notebook Button. But for the Detective Career, you can’t find the Notebook Icon. So you can easily get the Notebook icon at the bottom of the game.

You will find the little house on the bottom. Open Phone icon near the House icon. There are functions in the middle of the Phone with three dots. On the top left of the screen, the Notebook icon is there.


Sims 4 Notebook Detective

Sims 4 Notebook

You can use Notebook to keep all the records of Suspects. The notebook will show you all the clues of the suspect you have found. A notebook is handy to arrest Suspect. Ask the Sims around you and match the clues. Based on the descriptions in Notebook, you will find the suspect on the list. Pieces of evidence in Notebook will lead you to suspect easily and quickly.

Sims 4 Notebook Scientist

You can use your Sims Notebook by accessing the Phone icon. Then go to Notebook Button at top of the screen. A notebook will show you Ingredients to make Serums and Inventions. Notebook also tracks your progress by providing combinations of Ingredients. It contains all the details of Sims Inventions in detail. So that they can use the same process at any time.