How To Plant Sims 4 Money Tree & Fix All Problems 2022 Patch Download

The money tree, one of our favorite rewards, is back in The Sims 4: Seasons. However, the tree must now be planted and grown by the player (unlike in The Sims 2 where the tree itself was a reward).

In Sims 4, how can you obtain the money tree? Go to the ambition rewards store after installing the Seasons addition and scroll down until you see the “money tree” reward. Plant the seed after spending the 5,000 satisfaction points to purchase it.

The Money Tree can give you plenty of money to buy other seeds.

The cash is all yours after the money tree has come to maturity after five days. Depending on quality, it can yield between 8,000 and 22,225 Simoleons every harvest.

Growing a Money Tree from Seed

Once you’ve bought a money tree seed, you may plant it at any time of year to get it growing. Only when it’s too cold outside can you not plant. Retry after the weather has warmed up.

Have your Sim fertilize the tree using a high-strength fertilizer if they have high enough gardening skills to do so. This will improve the tree’s quality as much as feasible.

Maintain and care for the money tree. After one to two days, it will sprout, and after five days, you will have a fully grown tree. I think The Sims 4’s gardening is rather simple, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

When the tree is ready for harvest, if you look attentively you can see the tiny money fruits hiding in the branches. They resemble the seeds you buy at the ambition rewards shop exactly.

How to Harvest a money tree?

Simply click on a mature tree and select “Sell All” or “Sell Money Fruit” to harvest it. In theory, the tree produces five money “fruits” for the first crop. However, these are not actual fruits you can replant; rather, they are added to your household in the form of Simoleons.

The quality of a money tree determines how much money it will yield.

Sims 4 Money Tree Graft

Your Sim can take a cutting from the money tree and graft it onto another tree if they have a level 5 gardening skill. By doing this, you can essentially grow two money trees without needing to buy more seeds.

Make sure to grow some other plants in your garden at the same time you’re cultivating the money tree because you can only graft onto established plants. In this manner, when the money tree reaches maturity, you’ll have something to graft onto.


In the end, you get both your original tree, which bears five fruits AND a tree that has been spliced, which bears three fruits. Your original tree plus the spliced tree will yield a total of $12,800 per harvest. (And even more, if your quality is higher than average.)

Sims 4 Money Tree Glitch

Money tree Glitches are errors that are unexpected problems in-game. Glitches are caused by reasons like:

  1. Due to Hardware Problems
  2. Using faulty patches.
  3. Faulty coding in games.
  4. Do not meet the minimum requirement.

Currently, the game has a bug that can net you a tonne of rapid cash or slow cash in the form of extra money tree seeds. Simply add a money tree that is ready to be harvested to your family’s inventory. You’ll receive a stack of seeds right away.

The fruit can be sold for $8,000 each, or you can cultivate them to earn additional money over time.

Sims 4 Money Tree Cheat

Sims 4 Money Tree

Use the following cheat to steal their pleasure points if they don’t have enough to buy the money tree seed:

To open the cheat console, simultaneously press the keys on your keyboard Ctrl, Shift, and C.

Without using quotation marks, type “testingcheats on” and hit Enter.

To add the satisfaction points, enter “Sims.Give Satisfaction Points 5000” without the quotations. (Ensure that the appropriate Sim is chosen.)

Return to the rewards shop now and buy the money tree seed. Five days after planting, it will be ready for harvest!