Sims 4 Master Controller – Cleaner, Dresser, Woohoo, Pregnancy, Career

Sims 4 Master Controller Command Center or MCC is one of the popular mod. Master Controller gives you some options aligned as multiple modules. These modules tackle various functions of the game.

Functions include pregnancies, household bills & the creation of story progression mechanics. To sum it up, you can add anything to the game using the MC controller. In normal Situations, story progression is tough.

The Sims will grow and die. But MC centre allows you to automatically generate Sims. So, MC center allows you to control the story of Sims.

sims 4 master controller


Sims 4 Master Controller Guide

1. Sims 4 MC Cleaner

The cleaner module with MC Command Center helps with the basic cleaning. It cleans all through the game. This enables the users to remove any homeless ghosts while allowing the setup.

The default options for make-up when characters age up with time. This feature can also disguise the aliens. If you despise watching aliens all over the game interface.

2. Sims 4 MC Dresser

With the MC Dresser option, players can alter the dressing style of any Sims. You can easily add any clothing item in the game. Or remove the ones you don’t like.

This will help you to clean up in the game easily. You can also alter the accessories of Sims which you don’t like.

3. Sims 4 MC Career

The Career Command Center module enables you to set total workers in-game. This will help the game follow the settings & fill needed career options. For inactive households, you can easily set this option to run. Also, you can customized careers for individual Sims in the game.

4. Sims 4 MC Woohoo

The MC Command Center WooHoo module controls the romantic relations of Sims. You can also control categories such as teen Woohoo, risky Woohoo, & Nudity.

Due to the nature of the MC module, only 18+ Sims can control this. To add this option in your game. The link is located over the MC Command Centre Page.

5. Sims 4 MC Pregnancy

The MC Pregnancy module in the story allows you to control proper progressions. The mod allows you to alter the percentage of autonomous marriage. And pregnancies that occur in the game.

You can easily control the Sims marry with the opposite or the same gender. Can have children in the future. If you are one to shift between the active households.

Then, you can easily pause the game to see the Sims go into labor. If Sims doesn’t need children. Then You can even stop this pregnancy phase.


Allow Changes

1. Allows Time To Pass by

The MC command center is the prime mod of Sims 4. It is perfect in terms of functionality & features. Using MCCC, you can easily change the speed of the clock within the game.

All the clocks in-game can run the same at different speeds. You can alter the time whenever you want to. If you want to travel fast and to slower a date. Then with the help of the Sims 4 MC mod, you can do so. Altering Sims Life, the MCC controller can set the number of days Sims spend in each life stage.

2. Automated Housekeeping

The MC Cleaner module runs through various stages in the game automatically. Also, ensure that every loose end is tied up. It ensures that your married Sims have last names must sync with particular items.

Then items are removed at periodic times. The glasses in the shower or on the bed. And other annoying items won’t keep appearing. The cleaner bypasses certain things such as family ghosts so change those settings.

3. Appearance Maintenance (Enhanced Appearance)

The MC Command Centre is an amazing mod that can enhance the appearances of Sims. You can modify different body parts of Sims. The arms, eyes, hands belly can be modified within certain limits.

You can set ‘fat’ and ‘fit’ levels for fanatics or curvy Sims. Also, beyond certain boundaries, the Sims’ physiques will never change.

4. Cheaters Prosper (Cheaters Can Prosper)

Without a bit of cheating in-game no game is complete. And it is true in the case of the Sims 4 game as well. MC command modules come with lots of cool cheat codes.

To begin, you can force a Sim to leave the lot, promote. And even demote a Sim & set specific skill levels. You can quickly alter hidden buffs of a Sims. Altering their mood to happy, energized, or angry. Hence your Sims is just one click away from angry. This leads them to death.

5. Control Everyone (Control Things in the World)

The MC Control module allows you to properly control NPC Sims. If they were an active Sim then it gives you limited controls. These controls performed between 2 Sims takes the form of interactions. But every interaction can not be accessed by you.

Those commands added from other custom mods won’t visible. But when your Sim is making great conversation then it’s okay. Trouble occurs during some NPC chump. You can also control Sims’ character. Hence, Show Sims the best ways to behave in a civilized way.

6. Sims 4 Increase Slider Range

The Sims 4 Slider Range allows you to increase or decrease Size. Depending on your needs, you can change Sims’ body or face size. In this module, the range is unlimited for you. You can Select to change aspects like :

  • Hips
  • Neck
  • Height
  • Facial Symmetry
  • Ears
  • Hands
  • Fingers

And basically, every body part that you would want to change with your Sims character. Just as the name suggests, using this mod will give you access to a slider. Which can help you increase or decrease the size of the body.

If you happen to drag the slider towards the left. You can see the size of your selected part decreasing while dragging it. And right click makes the size bigger.

7. Types of Popular Sliders for Sims 4

The types of sliders in Sims 4 are as follows:

  • Height Slider
  • Pointed Ears Slider
  • Butt Slider
  • Shoulder Height Slider
  • Physique Slider
  • Head Size Slider
  • Glass Slider
  • Nose Width Slider
  • Facial Asymmetry Slider
  • Augmentation Slider

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8. Dictate Abductions by Aliens

In the real world Sims pondering over the existence of alien & their worlds. The MC Command Center can turn this into reality. The Sims 4 MC Occult Mode, allows you to control the specific interactions. Also, after an alien abduction, you can easily adjust Sims’ chances for pregnancy.

The baby born can be alien, human, or hybrid. You can also target the helpless NPCs. The age of the Vampire can be stopped. You can allow to age them like normal Sim. The Risky Vampirism option can also be enabled. This changes the spreading of vampirism via feeding.

Sims 4 Story Progression

The Sims 4 story progression option allows the Sims to march forward in their individual lives in an autonomous manner with no need for the player to control every move.

The Master Controller Pregnancy Module helps create great alternatives while allowing the non-active Sims to be married & birth children in their consistency. Further, these settings allow you a chance to adjust the eligible age for your Sims character. Plus, you get a chance to alter the maximum number of offsprings, allow related characters to get married, and allow a maximum number of the household children.

What is NRAAS Sims 4

Sims 4 NRAAS Suite comes with various mods designed for Sims 4. This consists of the mods like Story Progression, Overwatch, as well as Master Controller. Like an independent variant, the NRAAS mods can be installed. They can be installed in a single step either individual or combination.

The NRAAS mods have optional mods that require specific mods to be installed properly. From casual Sims 4 fans to hardcore, the MC controller Mod helps to access control over the story progression with many facilities. This keeps the players engaged and tackles multiple possibilities at one time.

Sims 3 Slider: How to Increase or Decrease?

The Sims 3 Slider mod in-game enables you to have a more detailed character of Sims. Also, it allows you to have finely detailed body parts of your Sims character. You have to download the master link of the slider to use the slider for Sims 3.

Here as per your preference, you will get several slider options. And you can separately download each of these sliders. The sliders are available for the pets & Sims characters as well. Download the RAR file and extract files in the mods folder. Also do not mix the contents of folders that are present within the Mods folder.

Otherwise few errors occur. Now, you have to use NRAAS to use Sims 3 increase slider limit. With the use of NRAAS in Sims 4, the slider can be set to a higher limit depending on your needs.

Sims 4 Story Progression Mod

Take Charge of Alien Abductions – With Sims 4 Story Progression Mod, you can easily add mysteries of alien. The MC Occult Module allows you to obtain control of the interactions of the occult. You can modify pregnancy chances after the abduction of an alien.

The mod decides who can not get pregnant & who can. Further, the resulting babies can be human, alien, or hybrid. These characters can also be controlled & altered. You can also target the helpless NPCs easily.

How to Download the Master Controller Sims 4?

You have to visit the official website for the MCC Module. Then download the controller mod for Sims 4. After accessing the site, you might look things a bit complicated. As there are many mod types available to download.

Mods like the pregnancy mod, population mod, cleaner mod, and so on. You can either go with the file that has been marked MC Command Center_All Modules option. Or with a single MC Sims 4 download mod that you want in-game.

After downloading the file, you have to open it with a zip file extractor like Winrar. Now extract all the files to Mod Section Folder in Sims 4. Once you place all files, Start your game & check your custom mods. Also, check mods along with the script mods. See they are enabled properly to run the MCC controller Sims 4.

also, you can download from the above link.

How to enable Custom Content with MC Master Controller in Sims 4?

Not a single feature will work properly in the game. Until your custom content part enabled in-game. You need to click on the game options button to enable the MCC. Select the “Other” option scrolling down on the menu.

Therefore enabling the custom content in the game mark the checkbox. Once all done, you can easily access your favorite custom content in Sims 4. But make sure to confirm your selection you hit the apply changes button. Also, for the changes to take effect you need to restart the game.

The custom content working won’t work until opting for the restart option. So, to see the changes, then restart it.

How to use Master Controller in Sims 4?

The Sims 4 story progression mod is a part of the MCC Controller in Sims 4. The Controller allows us to progress normally in the game. To give experiences of real-life scenarios & making it believable. It consists of making enemies, having children, getting married, pregnancy, Woohoo (explicit mods), gets promotions, etc.

To use the MC controller with story progression mod. You have to place mod files in one folder to stop merging.

How to read the last exception in Sims 4?

In Sims 4, if players have the MCC controller. Then the orange form of notification will appear for the last exception. If the users do not use the MCC controller. Then the game will seems odd. Go through the /Sims4 folder & place the last Exception.txt file. It occurs due to errors.

To know error change the location of the item. And use different items that can help. Clear your local thumb cache.package to fix these errors of the ts4 master controller.