Sims 4 Mask kpop Best Accessories & Make Custom Mask Suit Your Cloth

Masks in Sims 4 is compatible with all ages and genders. Sims can access the mask of Different variants and colors. You can access masks in Eyeshadow and tattoo category.

Mask in Sims 4 is especially worn in Venice carnivals. Masks are usually looking beautiful with feathers and leaves.

Sims 4 Surgical Mask

Surgical Mask can be obtained in exchange with other Sims Mask. Surgical Mask covers Sims mouth and wraps around your ears.

Surgeon Sims wear this during Surgery. Surgical Masks prevent Sims from Airborne diseases.


Nose Mask

Nose Masks can be accessed from the Skin Detail Category. Sims 4 Nose Mask gives your Sims a more defined Shape and is available for all ages and genders. Nose Masks is Suitable for all skin types. Nose Masks are in HQ Compatible with 12 Swatches.

Criminal Mod

Sims 4 Mask

Criminal Mod makes your Sim Bad in Sims 4. In this Mod, your Sim either involves Internet Crimes or be the crime boss. To Start this, Public Enemy or Chief of Mischief is the best Aspirations. You can promote your level using careers.promote.criminal cheat. Handiness Skill can be maximize using Wood Working Table.

Superhero Mask

Sims 4 has four types of Superhero masks for toddler and you can be used for any gender. sims Superhero Mask can be obtained from Face Paint Section. Superhero Masks are Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, etc

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Pralinesims Mask

Sims 4 Pralinesims Mask can be used for all ages and genders. Pralinesims Mask can be obtained from Bracelet Section. It also is available in 30 designs in different colors.

Sims 4 Robbery Mod

Life Tragedy Mod in Sims 4 allows your Sims to become a robber. Your Sim can steal anything you want. Sims can also terrorize everyone around your House. If you make any mistake, police can arrive to arrest your Sim.