Dream Sims 4 Mansion Building Download With New Renovation Ideas

When you are living such an awesome virtual life in sims 4, You really should download sims 4 mansion mod in your game. There are so many ways of living in the world and you may wish to have your own mansion just as per your lifestyle. When mansion download by you, you can have one. 

Here we have listed some great sims 4 mansion ideas that will help you to find your favourite mansion and get famous. 

Modern Dream Mansion

What a luxurious mansion is this!!! 8 Bedrooms, Home gym, a Sauna, 10 Bathrooms, Massaging room, a Home office and also a Recording studio. In the basement there is room for guest too.


Sims 4 mansion no cc is here for you in this mansion. Sims 4 get famous expansion pack is also available here. 

The Hollows Mansion

Sims 4 mansion

Want to have some haunted experience in your mansion? This mansion perfectly fit into this. It is filled with traits like vampire nexus and Haunted, Island spirits. This property will challenge you to live at this house but your brave sim can only survive and prove that this is nothing but an old house. This mansion also called sims 4 vampire mansion because there you may face attack of vampire also in it. This scary mansion is so much fun and entertaining. 

Wellington Mansion

Here this sims mansion has an awesome story. This mansion belonged to a wealthy family from Europe. This house became abandoned and just locked from curious eyes when that family moved across the ocean. If your sims are rich rich enough and don’t know how to spend all of that money, then move into this fancy mansion. This mansion comes into sims 4 most expensive house category. The mansion is fully furnished and so much comfortable to live.