Download Sims 4 Life Tragedies Mod With New Custom Events & Controls

Sims 4 Life Tragedies Mod – We all dear watching heroic tale suspense & murder secret. But it could become very dire while the state in one for actual. We have seen films, which show such life disasters like murder, snatch, & last ill health. Few of them can kill life drama, which can get reason due to mental sickness.

The view of all these crime areas could get elating & riveting also. We all location want to contain these things. Real-life experiences can get very scary & wild. But about there is no hurt inactive in the know-how of these deathly charades.


The Sims 4 life tragedies mod could aid you in-flight reality & become an object of such trouble. This mod would add five sequent ending in the game who might act crimes in your surround. These murderers will have any backstories to say & retaliation to issue. So, they’ll display up close to you.

Cut them might not grounds any injury, but they will kill off you. In case you address them in a rough tone. Also, you can choose to state a killer yourself by prime one of the 6 slayings. Read the piece at a lower place to know more about the case.

Sims 4 Life Tragedies Mod

Some more information about Serial Killers

The pursuing points will edify the content about the killers that might semen any time close you, & they are as follows:

  • As soon as you install the mod, you must evaluate that these killers might display up any case. Because of the escaped tragedy guessing game. This property can get upset off from the choice.
  • A fresh pie menu, titled “Serial Killers” has got inform in the game, low the “Life tragedies” Database.
  • Now, fire any one of the 5 serial killers, which view “Blaze the field with beam” & “Fume a cigarette”.
  • After you prefer one of the killers, they will foremost visit your township & then try to act with someone else to kill.
  • All killers will talk to other Sims in their word of the script to which you might opt to act positively & negatively.
  • The positive response may make warmness between you & the killer, but the negative one will end you.
  • In case you dismiss the murderer, then it will have no personal effects, & your Sim will be risk-free.
  • Also, there is only a 5% luck of Sim effort killed in your environment.
  • The police would furthermore come to the crime view & arrest the killer regardless of the murder.
  • Also, there are a few new located of serial killers that got an increase to the mod, which are:
    1. Sapphire Hudson, “The Enticing lover”;
    2. Willard Franz Kline, “The Son of Flames”;
    3. Zanny Antowan, “The Killer Nurse”;
    4. Patrick Will Rogers, “The disliked pedant”;
    5. Mathew Sailing ship, “The University Prof”.

No mercy mod

Any of you love to look chaotic & slaying. Thence, if you lack to see any of that riddle then go the Serial killer pie bill of fare. & click on the No mercy choice, where you ask for the murderer to kill all other Sim. That comes on its property for 140 sims written account. 

Player operated murders

In the suit, you’re enchanted about murdering an individual in the game, then there is 6 new structure to kill another, & they are as follows: 

  • Gun down off of a car.
  • Stab with Knife
  • Suffocate with Pillow
  • Stab Lungs
  • Burn-in fire
  • Give toxic apples to toddlers & elders. 

Also, if you lack to go with the “gun behind of bike”. You must think that there has to be a lot of region between Sim & the person. You have chosen to hit. So, the Sim will say you that there isn’t an adequate part. hence it cannot send off then you must fall the idea. 

Furthermore, if the cops observe you murdering mortal, then you’ll get inactive. Far, you must call up that few murders can splash bodily fluid on you. & that can get clean off by picking a shower bath. 

Posters & papers

There is an action called “buy Ordered killers posters & papers”. Where you can see the back tale of the murderers & invite them to visit your locality. You can also outcry the law if you lack. Furthermore, you can also steal a cigarette or chance flames about. 

Also, you can alter or enable some crime from the choice if you don’t need that to occur. Like, for instance, if you don’t need a group to get kidnapped, then you may alter the choice from the card.

The mod’s significant requirements & information

The following points shall be kept & implemented in the state to get the mod running. They are as follows:

  • The mod needs a base game except for “get to work” EP for roaming.
  • This mod is custom content & hence doesn’t overturn any other data game.
  • The mod further adds abduction, armor robberies, car killings, bullies, & fatal death. 
  • It is incompatible with all other mods
  • By normal, the changes get turned off, & so you must turn it off whenever need.
  • There is a speed talk, where you can select how fast or slow you need the tragedies to occur.
  • Also, you can begin the tragedies normally rather than waiting for them to arrive automatically.
  • Hence, these deadly killers can affect all ages.

Sims 4 Kidnapping mod

Your performer would get kidnapped by a clump of abductors & will ask for a scene & money. Also, you cannot sap them, so don’t even attempt to. Furthermore, you’ll go hit. As soon as your performer gets kidnapped. You’ll get content from the abductors to bar your Sim’s existence.

You could also alter the police about the abduction of your actor. And can place about it on social media. After you execute the inevitably of the abduct, then they’ll send you a code to choose up your performer. Pick them up & harmless shield them to abode.

Sims 4 deadly illness mod

This Sims 4 last illness mod can origin your player a deadly illness. From which they must receive sure medical science. These surgeries have a 10% outlook to be a flourishing activity. Also, disregard the disease might tube up your Sim’s life to decease. You can see the leftover life of your contestant in their UI.

Who is troubled due to The Sims 4 deathly unwellness? Also, to receive surgeries, they have to go to the health facility & for which they demand to get to activity EP.

Sims 4 burglar mod

These burglars will bargain all your monetary system & furniture by break into your home. They might as well sprout the coggle & elders of the home. You can also outcry the cops for the delivery or can even scrap the burglars. You can also drama as a stealer & steal other people’s wealth & furniture.


Your Sim might become a mark of low life bang-up who would outcry you names & tired you fallen. Also, they can come into your home to bully you. But you can e’er combat them. The more fitness ability, the fitter you’re. Also, you can get a bully yourself by daunting, making amusive, & pulsing others. 

Car accidents

Your Sim might decrease due to a car accident.

How can I download sims 4 life tragedies mod?

You must go to the program given below to transfer the sims 4 life tragedies mod, & they are as follows:

  • Visit the official Sims 4 website.
  • Click on the specific mod you want to download.
  • Now, download the file & open the file in the downloads options.
  • Now extract the .zip mod & shift it into the default folder. 
  • Now shut the game and start it again.

Sims 4 Armageddon mod

The superior character “Cast spell on object”  now show the comely extant. Increase “Fill Needs” to super villain’s at black ability level 5. Fast the last example error that would come old. When dead sims got reaped or conveyed to Robert Ranke Graves.

The “Black Power” skill will now decrease faster. Set world’s rot “Arson Chaos” not deed far. Then selecting the firing action. Added “Allow All Corruptions” Action when Global corruption 90%. Added “Equip All” Action in the fatal trails category at black power level 6. Added “Remove All” Action in the lethal trails category.

The “Spawn Of Satan” walk sort now unlocks on black power level 4. The camera will no person move to cops when they come to the flock. The police division will no more send a relief cop when the basic sent cop is killed.

Sims 4 Sacrificial Mod

If you’re searching for some fewer deep mods for The Sims 4. Then Sacrificial Mods have you clothed! These mods are a thing from a bit sadistic to rank gory & dread. If you enjoy increasing a bit of play into your game, face no far. You can now origin a zombi disaster for your Sims.

Even find a new shipway to pain them in person (removing pool ladders is so yesterday). Here are the best Kill mods for The Sims 4. This mod will convey some classical horror amusive to your lame. Inform a “Virus” that sort your Sims living dead. Children can be struck as well– no one is harmless!

Sims 4 Extreme Violence Mod

The Sims 4 Violence Mod function as a mellow mod data format. You can certainly transfer the same. If you do not return gaming & the activities active in it much worse. This is because the stylist has been planned to supply you with an earthy murder. Also, violent experience tends to impact the faint minds.

Life is not always bush & flower. Extreme Violence mod adds murders, mob, violent affliction, suicides, solemn fights, & a lot of other violence to the game. It complexes a lot of extent to the halt & a ratio of new action. You can even get inactive or send some not same nice NPCs to a imprison.

Be a great guy or a real evil: Extreme Violence mod gives you a fresh level of holding in your game.

  • Scroll down through the page to locate the icon mentioning “Extreme Violence Mod”
  • Now click on the same
  • The files need to be downloaded to the Mods Folder. So click over it & move all the contents downloaded by you to the mods folder by following this pathway: Electronic Arts>Sims 4> Mods> Mod
  • Now, open the Sims 4 game & access the mod through the custom options in the game.
  • Adds in new Buffs
  • Consists of newly added custom animations
  • Customized animations include voices/sounds/lip-syncing/effects

Sims 4 Life Tragedies

True Life Tragedies are so needful in the halt. Fatal ill health, snatch, burglar fire, invasive, fire outset, armed robberies, car fortuity. Serial killing will turn your sim’s life into a thrilling & unhoped trip.

Aggression is a critical part of this mod, too, because it can bend your child’s being ablaze. The newest & same thrilling part of the mod is an artificial structure. Your sim will spirit life to the fullest with this chill improver.

Slice of Life Mod

This is one of the top-quality mods that was ever made for The Sims grant. Slice of Life increase pimples, hurt, flashing, crying, personality method, menstrual series, & a lot more. The feeling is now sound & more significant.

Your sims can now be really thin, furious, piteous, or troubled. This mod has the almost result on the person. But teens & bush will have their specific buffs & mood too. To add more reality & life-like locate into your game, Slice of Life is outstanding for a spare item. This mod in reality affects tiny things about your Sim. Bet on what’s the event to or around them.

For instance, if they get into combat with some other Sim. You’ll request that your own Sim profit hurt on their face later. Or, if they’re ashamed, they might profit a red color to their cheeks.

Sims 4 Life Drama Mod Download

Iniquitous Whims is arguably the least famed & cool big mod for The Sims. It has so some to offer to the game: new action (even threesomes & foursomes), realistic dead body, active asexual action. Even between NPC’s & also a discharge & maternity system. We cannot urge you plenty this mod, because it is an actual game-changer in The Sims.

1. Spells & Sorcery

With the Sorcerer mod, you are granted the quality to allow your Sims to formed spells. Vision isn’t thing hot to the Sims, & magic has kind of be in the previous edition. But this mod takes that to a totally new plane.

2. Mermaids made real

We’ve had a pagan, ghosts, lamia, fag, & even werewolves. But The Sims has ever given us imaginary creatures. Fit, that’s dynamic. The Imaginary creature mod allows Sim to turn their Sims into imaginary beings. Using their own fair slow down. You’ll also get some imaginary creature magic to drama with, too!

3. House Boat

Feeling tired with the same aging home business execution that every other Sim game has had? This mod lets you figure a tiny boat for your Sim to play in, or else! It’s down for adding more attribute to the life of a writer Sim who like easy living & the open air.

Bring Sim Back To Life Sims 4

Sims can function the Book of Life to rise other Sims. The Book of Life can only be-backhand by a Sim. Who has perfect the writing skill & realized the “Bestselling Writer” Dream. All Book of Life can be used to revive a single Sim. Though the act “Capture Epic Saga” must be utilized on the prey Sim ahead that Sim dies.

Subsequently, the Sim dies, the book can be utilized to call them back to life. Sims can set weed for a shade Sim to eat; ghosts who eat weed will be revived. Spook can make a request to the Soft Wishing Well, included in The Sims 4: Romantic Garden Stuff. To return to life. There are single doable outcomes from a want, be on the mood of the healed. The well’s mood can be built by devising content to the well.