sims 4 illness & How to cure illness & Buy OR Order Medicines 2020 Guide

Illness is one of the popular and latest version of the Sims 4. The version brings more fun of illness to the Sims. The Sims can easily get affected. They become sick due to the diseases present in the town.

The Sims can feel thrust in pain due to triple threat, Llama flu, burning belly, and itchy plum bob. Your Sim can come across this trap of illnesses. But your Sim can easily recovered. Learn about the illness & their cure in detail. Also, always keep your assistant Sims disease-free.

sims 4 illness

Sims 4 How to Cure Illness

The Illness of Sims in Sims 4 can cured by taking doses of medicines. The medicines in Sims 4 can be accessed via Sims Inventory. If your Sims is too Sick, then take medicines once a day. After your sim is cured, there are still chances of getting sick again. So always take necessary precautions after cured. To avoid this, take medicines twice a day. This will reduce chances of getting affected. The medicines will make your Sims feel energized.

The energy in the Sims will last only for four hours. The medicines will rejuvenate the feelings of Sims. Also, do not give medicines to healthy Sims. Otherwise they will start feeling dizzy. There are also other way to treat Sim. You can prepare tea in your personal tea brewer. It will reduce the feeling of diseases. The orange can also be used to feel the same. 

Types Of Illness

Sims will show visible symptoms about their diseases. It makes easy for you to diagnose a Sims. The below list of visible symptoms will help you out to diagnose a Sims. Most of the Sims must suffer from more than one symptoms. As long as the patient stays in the hospital the more quickly Sims get recovered.

The following are specific types of illnesses, which Sims faced commonly in the game:

1. Nausea

The Sims mostly affected with this type of sickness rapidly. In Sims 4 Sims suffers from nausea if Sim is pregnant. Or the Sims is get affected with squeamish. The squeamish trait would make Sims feeling tired all the time. And it has also 100% chances that the Sims may vomit all the time. The sick Sims pukes all time someone & the other walks on them for a fight. Also, when they eat bad or spoiled food they could feel nauseous . There are several ways through which Sims become nauseous.

2. Poison

The Sims get affected with this type of illness Sims who has played the Sims 4 Jungle Adventure. When Sims are in Selvadorada they get poisoned . The poison will not harm much If the Sim is lucky enough. And the negative feeling lasts only for 12 hours. But If the sick sim is unlucky, then Sim could die due to poison. Your Sim must afford medicines to get cured.

3. Food Poisoning

Spoiled or Inadequate food mainly causes food poisoning at the restaurant. As the Dine out services may also affect your Sims life. The spoiled food makes them feel uncomfortable & tired. But you can also call the restaurant to refund your money back. The disease is not contagious but still they may die from it.

4. Rabbit Rodent Fever

When you have rodents as a pet Sim will get affected with rodent fever. Make sure you clean the cage of rabbit. The dirty cage makes the rodents angry & spreads many diseases. If relations are not maintained good with them. These pets tend to bite your Sim. Hence the biting of rabbit causes rodent fever. This fever will make your Sims uncomfortable, tensed & eventually leads Sims to death. The Sim will suffer with uncomfortable moodlet. Then as disease become severe it will suffer with dazed moodlet.

5. Homesickness

When your Sim has been on an extended vacation they will get affected with Homesickness. This homesickness remains for the shorter time. It will vanish once you come back to home.

Sims 4 Doctor Career Illness List

The Illness list their symptoms and cure are as follows:

1. Rashes

Rashes can be cause due to number of illnesses. So don’t think that it is due to itchy plumbob. You can not rule out Sim as ‘Not Sick’. Rashes are meant to be indicate a Sim is really sick. Certain illnesses present only some rashes. Rashes are of 3 types: tiger stripes, swirly orange and swirly green spots.

2. Sweaty Shivers

Sims feel itching. Sims head will occasionally release heat. Spots occurs on their body. Thermometer with Thought bubble. Inoculate your Sims with sweaty shivers.

3. Bloaty Head

Sims will suffers from a headache and sometimes steam comes out of the head & ears. Sims can have red & orange spots on skin. But must vital is look for the steam. Treat bloaty head of Sims with Shots.

4. Starry Eyes

Sims will shows stars over their heads and feel dizzy. Sims may also come across invisible objects in front of them. If you see this symptom, it is surely starry eyes. Swirly rashes may develop on body.

5. Itchy Plum bob

Sims may have a rash on body. Rashes can be orange spots, tiger stripes & green spots. Also the Sim may develop itching a lot. By the presence of the rash, you can tell Sim as apart from Sweaty Shivers.

6. Burning Belly

Sims may suffer from stomach pain which  may leads to fever. Burning Belly is a rare illness and requires surgery. Rubbing the belly of Sim will reduce pain for some time. The Burning Belly is not a fatal disease.

7. Triple Threat

Sims may suffers from coughing and dizziness. But lack of fever as with Llama Flu & lack of swiping as with Starry Eyes. Triple Threat requires surgery. Sims can feel discomfort due to itchiness. It is tricky to treat triple threat due to multiple symptoms. But there is serious symptom if you observe.

8. Llama Flu

Sims may starts shivering along with fever. They will have a cloud of gas around them. Coughing and sneezing will also develop in certain cases. It presents with green & orange spots-type rash. To cure Sims, give them Llama Flu vaccine.

9. Gas and Giggles

Sims will giggle and fart at random times. Sims will also get a tiger-stripe rash. For lots of laughing, observe their idle animations. Laughing itself is not important a symptom. But they will appear to laugh uncontrollably. To cure Sims give them proper medications. Positive traits is only seen Gags & Giggles illness. There is treatment to treat trumping & tittering.

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Sims 4 Deadly illness mod

The Sims 4 Deadly illness mod can cause Sims a fatal illness. From there they under go number of surgeries. These Surgeries have less chance for successfully implemented. Also, neglecting the illness may drain up Sims life to death. You can observe the rest life of Sim in UI. The Sims who are suffering from deadly illness. Also for surgeries the have to go to hospital. For that you have to work on EP.


Sims 4 Mental Illness Mod

Mental Illness mod is the Borderline personality disorder. The Sims come across pattern of varying moods, behaviour & Self image. These symptoms also results in impulsive actions. The Sims may also get problems in relationship with others. The Sims with Mental illness may suffers from anger, anxiety & depression. These symptoms will last for five to ten days.

To cure fast from mental illness you can do some things as follows:

  1. Talk with friends, family and relatives.
  2. Hug your parents.
  3. Talk about your favourite animals, colors, super hero with parents.
  4. Practice handiness skills.
  5. Tall a story to someone and so on.


Sims 4 Mental Illness Traits

Some of the mental illness traits through which Sims suffers are as follows :

1. Anxiety Trait

GAD is Generalized Anxiety Disorder in Sims 4 characterized by excessive and irrational worry. The excessive anxiety hinders the daily functioning of Sims. They suffers from health issues, money, death, family problems, etc. The Hygiene and energy of Sims decrease faster. The Sims suffer from GAD built creative skills faster. But logic Skills are difficult to build due to anxiety. The too much of anxiety can cause panic attacks. The Sims may also suffers from being sick, tensed, dazed, etc. Also, it is very difficult for Sims to build relationships. Teens with anxiety trait face difficulties in school. Also, sim find difficulty to succeed in jobs like doctor, Tech Guru, Secret Agent, etc.

2. Bipolar Trait

Bipolar Disorder features the Sims suffering from mood swings. The emotions of Sims ranges from high to depressive low. Or both at some time. Sims with depressive emotion will feel very sad, feel empty, feel irritation. While, Sims with High emotions feel energized. It becomes hard to navigate the life of Sim with Bipolar Disorder. The trait may cause your Sim to suffer from extreme anger. This can lead your Sim to death also. So the best way to prevent this it to placate them. The bipolar disorder lasts till four hours of game.

3. Eating Disorder Trait

Eating Disorder trait is also known as Anorexia Nervosa. It it life threatening and psychological eating dis order and It is characterized by low weight to stature known as BMI. It is a function of illogical fear of weight loss, needless weight loss, distorted body, etc. The trait will decreases the rate of Sims hunger. Also, the wellness and fitness skill of Sims will eventually increases. The Sims may suffer from daziness, tensed, uncomfortable, asleep, etc. The Whims are stay energized, go for jogging, go for swimming, work out in gym, listen to loud music, tell a joke, play with cannon ball, play with punching bag, etc.

4. Depression Trait

The Depression trait makes your Sim feeling Gloomy all the day. The Sim with this trait start suffering from feeling Awkward 7 feeling drained. The Sims fun, energy and social will decrease fast. The fitness skill ad creative skills are hard to build. The Sims will easily get angry,sad, embarrassed, inspired and sad. They can build careers like painter, entertainer, culinary, social media faster. It is difficult to build relations. The Sims with this trait will last for 7 hours. 

People also ask some questions

How to cure illness in Sims 4?

Medicines which are available in inventory can cure Sim. To feel better, the Sick Sims need to take medicines more than once. As the Sims revive, there are chances of getting affected again. So there is need to take drugs twice a day. After taking drugs, they will feel energized for 4 hrs. So Sim will not feel sick but will feel rejuvenated. Do not give drugs to a standard sim. This will make Sims feel dizzy. To reduce the feeling of illness, prepare some tea in Magic Tea Brewer. Also, you can also drink orange juice. 

How to Buy / Order Medicines in Sims 4?

You can buy medicines in Sims 4 using computers easily. To buy follow the steps:

  • Click on your computer and then order medicine. Medicines bottle will costs you 50. A single medicine will cure all the diseases of Sims.
  • After you buy the medicines, it come in the inventory.
  • Go to the inventory and choose which medicine to take. If you feel the illness again, then take Medicine again. But make sure you’re not giving it to a healthy Sim as it would make them feel dizzy.
  • By drinking Tea or orange juice, Illness could get decay faster.

Can Sims die from illness in Sims 4?

The Sims may get illness with multiple diseases. These diseases have own symptoms & are contagious. The certain diseases which are not cured in nine days. So illness will become cause of Sim death. The tombstone indicator indicates that Sims are near death from illness