Top Sims 4 Highest Paying Job Huge List For Adult & Teen Get Rewards

In Sims 4 the Highest Paying Job are Interstellar Smuggler, Secret agent, and Criminal. In Interstellar Smuggler, you need fitness, logic, and Rocket Science. Interstellar Smuggler earns 14K Simoleons per week. Secret Agent, you need focus, Charisma, and Computing skills. Secret Agent earns 12k simoleons per week. The last is Criminal Career, mischief and handiness are needed. Criminals earn 11K simoleons per week.

Sims 4 Military Career

Military Career is introduced in Sims 4 in Stranger Ville Game Pack. Military Career is divided into two branches. Officer and Covert Agent. Fitness and Energized are the ideal moods for both branches.

The difference in both the branches is One is day job & other is Night. You can opt for the branch using your Phone. Sims need to do workout daily for fitness. Download sims 4 highest paying jobs complete mod pack from the below link.


Sims 4 Career List

Sims 4 Highest Paying Job

Get to Work Expansion Pack Brings several Careers in Sims 4. You can opt for any career according to skills. Some of the Sims 4 Highest Paying Job is the following:

  1. Astronaut: Branches- Space Ranger & Interstellar Smuggler.
  2. Business: Branches- Investor and Management.
  3. Conservationist: Branches- Marine Biologist.
  4. Critic: Branches- Food & Arts Critic
  5. Culinary: Branches- Chef & Mixologist.
  6. Criminal: Branches- Oracle & Boss Branch.
  7. Athlete: Branches – Body Builder & Professional Athlete.
  8. Entertainer: Branches – Musician & Comedian.
  9. Freelancer: Branches – Artist & Writer.
  10. Gardener: Branches- Floral Designer & Botanist.
  11. Military: Branches- Officer & Covert Agent.

Interstellar Smuggler Sims 4

Astronaut’s career has two branches: Interstellar Smuggler and Space Ranger. The energized is the ideal mood for Interstellar Smuggler. Sims will Confident aura from the space items. The Space ranger earns less money than an interstellar Smuggler. So it means Sims have to work low for fewer hours. Completing the daily space mission will improve Interstellar Smuggler skills. This is one the best highest paying jobs also, best for improving your skill