Sims 4 Heterochromia Mod Pack For Male & Female Download 2020

In Sims 4 you can find Heterochromia eyes in Skin details. Bracelets use the same Texture space. So the conflict with bracelets. You can use Heterchromia with any regular eyes. You can combine them with colors.

Sims 4 Heterchromia Eyes

There are two versions are available in Sims 4. Both versions can conflict with clothing items. Heterochromia V2 is a complete version.

It contains each eye of different colors. You can express your Sims to create 2 sizes of different colors each. They can be used for both genders. They are easy to locate with custom thumbnails.

Sims 4 Heterochromia Eyes CC

New Custom Content of Heterochromia eyes is the same as Yahilne Eyes. It consists of thirty colors with twelve custom colors. It comes in Non-Defaults and Defaults and also has Heterochromia Options.


The custom content conflicts with Kijiko’s Skin and all rings. It works perfectly with glasses.

Sims 4 Default Eyes

Default replacement in Sims 4 will override the EA eye colors. You have to put the package file in your Mods Folder. But you can have only one eye default replacement in Sims 4. You can look for your eyes in Eye Category. If you need Facepaint eyes, go to Tandem eyes on the TSR page. You can change it for all ages and all genders.

Sims 4 Eyes Colors

Sims 4 Heterochromia Mod

You can Find Heterochromia Version under the facepaint section in Sims 4. Eyes with colors are available in the eye color category. It can be used for a toddler to the elder of both genders. You can find it in the TSR Section of Sims 4 Eye Colors.

Sims 4 Skin Colors

There are 95 Skin colors in Sims 4. By overlaying skin colors you can have an additional 17 skin tones. So it means you have a total of 1710 Skin tones. You can use them for all genders. Overlaying skin will not affect your Sims eyelashes or accessories. You can use muscle tones with all skin shades.

Sims 4 Reticulates Daydreaming eyes

Reticulates Daydreaming eyes in Sims 4 are in Two palettes. They are Pepperoni Puffins Palette and Spooky Sims Palette. Both palettes come with 40 Non-Default different colors. You can use it with PTS recolors. Re-sizing of heterochromia mesh is also possible.

Sims 4 Noodles Glossy Eyes

Glossy eyes can be used for all genders. It removes the blurriness due to layers of accessories. These can be found on Default eye mesh. So Two-tone eyes and heterochromia contacts but not accessories. All of its versions are Recolourable. Default eye mesh is necessary to get it to work. You can find all under the costume make-up category.