Sims 4 Half Tiles Guide For Diagonal Wall & How to Create Half Tile

In your Sims 4 Home, if you want to fix Half Tiles, then you should install Sims 4 Half Tiles in Sims 4 Game. Here, we will give you information about Half Tiles. We will put the installation process and other relevant information for you. 

If you don’t know how to create a tile, then the process is available in further portion. 

How to Create a Half Tile? 

First, we will let tell you about the Sims 4 Flooring, where you need to put the Tiles. Here, we will give you short cut keys to put Half Tiles. 

If you want to put one by four tile on your home floor then you need to press Control+F Key. Another style is for one by two. If you want to change the cycle between one by two and one by four then you have to use F5 Key. It will useful to place tiles in Grid Snapping and Object Placement Styles. 

Quarter Triangle Shape is also available in Sims 4 Half Tiles Mod. When you choose the Tiles then you must have to press Control+F. At a time of selection, you can put the many down places. 

Sims 4 Half Tiles: Diagonal Wall

Sims 4 Half Tiles

If you are working to build home in your Sims 4 Account, and Wall is not fit well then you have used the following solution for the Diagonal Wall. Here you have to put the wall tiles of wooden. Half of the tiles will remain Wooden and half will be there which used in flooring. That’s how you can make an attractive look on your home with partial design. 

So, here is the Sims Half Tiles. Hope you know how to put Half Tiles on the Home Flooring of the Game. Then go to design attractive flooring using stunning Floor Tiles.