Sims 4 Hair Mods With New Custom Hairstyles 2021 (Free and Paid)

The Sims4 is known for its glamorous lifestyle and appeal in the game. Players get options to modify their characters by changing their looks. It also includes hairstyle modification. There is a wide range of hairstyle mods in Sims 4 suitable for all types of sims. 

Different hairstyle mods are available for male sims, female sims, and kid sims. Name it, and that style is available. Be it straight hair, curly hair, long hair, or short hair, there is a mod for each and every hairstyle. 

The hairstyle mods are available in different colors with various shades, so you can pick a color of your choice – black, brown, purple, pink, and any color would be there just name it. 

You may purchase or unlock the hair mods in the Sims 4 game. The mods can be easily installed and you can customize your character by searching the hairstyle and adding it to the game. 

In this article, we will discuss the different modes available for male, female, and kid sims. The players can find the best hair mods that would suit their character.

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2021 Best Hair Mod Collection For Male, Female also for Kids


1. Psycho

Most of the hairstyles used by models in Sims 4 look quite unusual. The hairstyles in Psycho mod are perfect for men who like to have messy hair. It is the kind of hairstyle that would look good in every situation – such as parties, offices, weddings, meetings, and much more.

It comes in around 18 colors. The look of this hair is pretty rough, some uneven hair covers the forehead as well giving a macho look to the character. Players who go for this mod can also get a beanie from the headwear section.

Regardless of the type of sim, this hairstyle suits everyone who looks for an all-rounder man design.

2. Blackout

Blackout is a unique mod by Anto and has 18 different colors. It has a small bun behind it like a samurai, and the rest of the hair is neatly, tightly combed. The bun is something unique and gives a different look overall.

Blackout has the most unique look – messy and bold. It has the look to offer that no other mod has. It is like one in a million look, and no other hairstyle can come next to it.

3. Darko

Darko mod has a curly design and faded cuts on the sides. The curls are in the upward direction. Additionally, the beard is also trimmed. This gives a nice overall look to the sims. Proper trimmed and neat hair gives a decent look.

All of these features make the face look very attractive. Also, there is a proper shape around the year providing a neat look. Go with this if you want a decent and messy look altogether. 

4. Electric

The electric mod is all stylish and has a charming look. It can be tried on teens or young adults. Also, this mod is free so why not give it a try. The hair is directed towards the left side of the character’s face towards the eyebrows. This makes it unique. Also, there is a small design on the left side of the forehead that is S-shaped.

It is a fantastic mod that one should try and would look cool mostly on everyone.

5. Hysteria

Developed by Stealthic, this mod has 18 different colors. It comes in a way pattern towards the left of the head and the sides are trimmed. The structure may look pretty rough, giving a manlier look.  Along with the sides, the back of the head is also trimmed.  The left eye is also covered a bit giving a mystical look.

It looks like the new era hairstyles are often seen on models in different advertisements.  This hairstyle would suit any sim and other men in real life too!

6. Wavves

People with wavy hair might not feel about this mod as with the straight hair mods. Waves mod has a different approach where it adds hair with waves to the game. 

The players might need a good high-tech PC to configure this look and make it the best.  You can definitely try this one.

7. Like Lust Hair

If you are tired of the basic hairstyles and common looks, then try out this mod.  This is an improved mod. The Like Lust Hair mod comes in 18 different colors.  You may find this mod somewhat similar to the Haunting hairstyles mod.  The vital difference is the direction of the hair. The puffy hair is towards the right side. 

The entire look is magnificent as the sides are trimmed and sideburns are shorter. This mod is compatible with a hat. Do give it a try.

8. Hair N4

Developed by S-club, Hair N4 comes in 13 different colors with shades in it. All the colors have unique shades. Honestly, the look is quite rough, especially at the top, the hairs are somewhat rough. Both the sides are trimmed, and the amount of hair is more on the left side as compared to the right side. 

The trimmed hair and the precise boundaries give a neat swaggy look overall.

9. Haunting Hairstyles

Haunting Hairstyles mod is perfect for men who want shorter hair on the sides. The hair is well combed and attracts a lot of attention. Also, it comes in various colors from which you can select the best.

10. Nicholas Hair

Nicholas Hair mod is a simple hairstyle mod that is used by most men in real-time. It is quite a fantastic addition to the game. If you are looking for something serious, decent, and sensible, then go with this mod. 

If you want your sim to have a serious look then this is the perfect mod, and if you want to have some funky, bohemian look. Then choose from the above mods.


1. Nightcrawler Hair

The Nightcrawler Hair mod has some mystery, beauty and, surprising vibes. The hairstyles in this mod are masterpieces and one in a million. The different versions here are – Nightcrawler Impulse, Nightcrawler Confetti, Nightcrawler Crow, Nightcrawler  Sugar, Nightcrawler  Flirt, and so many more. 

All of these hairstyles fit most of the women especially housewives and business ladies would look pretty good with this. In the end, it is your decision that matters. You can try out the different versions, colors and choose the best one that suits your sim.

2. Eden Hair

Eden hair mod comes with extremely long and beautiful hair. Since the base game does not have such long hair options, this is one of the most desirable mods. Its texture is such that it would look pretty on every female sim since it flows like a cascade from the left side of the sim’s body all the way down to the waist, making it look appealing. 

It is one of the finest mods with the longest hair you will find. Additionally, it comes in dozens of different colors.

3. Parallel Hair

The Parallel Hair mod comes with double braids and gives your sims the look of a good girl. It can be given to the age group of all girls. Parallel hair gives the look of sincerity and fantastic charisma that suits almost everyone. 

One of the best things about this mod is the compatibility of braids. Your sims can have this hairstyle even when they are wearing a hat. This implies this will not interfere with your idea of having a hat-loving personality you have always wanted.

4. Perfect Illusion

The creator of the Perfect Illusion mod took reference to Lady Gaga to create this mod and it can be very well seen in the mod itself. It will give your sim the look of a rockstar. The structure is quite complex, but it looks awesome.

Though such type of hairstyle is already included in the base game, it may not seem appealing to the players. However, players who like such funky styles should definitely download this mod and give it a shot. There could be a possibility it might suit their sims.

5. Envy Hair

Envy hair has a unique style that is pretty and less loose than other mods. Players who want to make the appeal of their sims like entrepreneurs or businesswomen should go with this mod. As it enhances their looks which upgrades their personality.

It is like one of the classic hairstyles which were quite popular in the 80’s era. Though it is not a long hair look it looks classy in its own way.

6. High Life Hair

High Life Hair is not long but has short hair with cool looks. It is a mod that can be used by sims of all ages starting with the teens. I feel it suits the best on Young adults. 

The players who like to have their sims short hair can go with this mod as it would rock their sims look.  It is quite interesting as compared to the ones that are already available in the game. The different colors and highlights, makes them look very funky. In the end, it is you who decides what is the best for your sims!

7. Prisma Hair

Players who love to see their female sims in long hair would love this mod. Players are going crazy over this hairstyle because it has the longest hair in the base game. 

The Prisma hair mod comes in different colors with fantastic details. What’s amazing is that it has hair drops at the front and back of the body. Since it is uniform in color, there are no transparency issues found in this mod. Hence is an added advantage on top of all the amazing features of this hair mod.

8. Runaway Hair

The Runaway hairs are long and bulky hair and one of my favorites. This hairstyle looks so pretty and real that you would want it in real. They are perfect, long hair that every girl would wish for. 

By going with the mod, you can walk stylishly on runways, and pick up different colors of hair. Avoid things that would lead to cut-off hair. This hairstyle is really magical and all the hard work goes to the creators for putting in so much effort to create this beauty.

9. Paradox Hair

This is a dreamy hair mod with a neat and clean look that can be used by ladies of all age groups. It comes in 27 different varieties of colors adding different looks.  You can try them out and check which one suits the most to your sims. 

This hairstyle is something that all the girls would love. It comes with long and wavy hair tied up in a ponytail with a detailed structure. This is one of the best hairstyles that I know. The variety of colors are the attractive offering of the Paradox hair mod.

10. Jealousy Hair

Jealousy hair is a long hairstyle that is one of the coolest and would make others jealous indeed. It is very detail-oriented and already comes into the game. 

This hairstyle could be easily replaced in the vanilla Sims 4, but since many players prefer a traditional look, it has not been replaced yet. In a case where there is a tail with long hair from back to front, it would be quite a struggle to find one as good as this one.


In every stage of life, every kid deserves the best of everything. They must feel confident in their looks and hairstyles. Sometimes, the moms at home give the kids haircut that does not suit them. But here in Sims 4, we have endless options to customize the hairstyle of kids. It would spice up their looks and make them the most popular kid. 

If you are looking for a nice hairstyle for your kid sims, then here is the list of Sims 4 Hair Kids custom content. 

1. It’s Playtime Collection

Its Playtime Collection is an enormous kids’ hair mod with a total of 111 items of custom content. It is the mod that will keep your kid sims in great condition with the best possible childhood. The custom items available are great hairstyles, CAS, and our concern is about hairstyles here!

The hairstyle mods included in the playtime collection are – baby poof, Kimmy, and many more. With babyproof, you can add a tiny ponytail on the head of your tiny tot. Kimmy has a ponytail that is comparatively bigger and has bangs also. This mod has the best collection for toddlers that make them look the cutest.

2. March Goodies Part II

The March Goodies Part ll small-scaled collection of kids hairstyles that have pigtails and braids, and ponytails for the kids. All the hairstyles in this mod are compatible with hats and are suitable for children as well as toddlers. 

Since the hairstyles vary in length, so along with choosing the style of hair, you can also play around with the different hair cuts. 

3. Wings TZ 014

Wins TZ 014 is a great hair mod for young boys. The players have two options to choose from. The first hairstyle is the way and is pushed on the sides that makes the look a bit messy. And when your kid sim wakes up in the morning, you can make out whether it is brushed or not. 

While the second option is messier as compared to the first one. It gives the hair a unique motion. For small kids, both of the options are good to go. Also, they are compatible for children and young children. Hence it provides a flexibility for the players to choose which suits them the most.

4. Hugo Hair

A lot of insights are given while selecting hairstyles for girls but, not a lot is taken in consideration while selecting hairstyles for boys. Hugo Hair mod is a simple yet adorable haircut where they have hair length for kids to play around with them. It is full of life and cool as when compared to a lot of other dull options in the base game.

When you want your character to give a new look, then go with this mod as it would give an entirely new look to your character. It is compatible with children as well as toddlers. I find this mod very cute as it makes the kids look adorable with their hair at the back slides very meticulously. 

5. Kyra Hair

To take care of the hair, some hair accessories are required. Sometimes, you don’t need to keep the child’s hair pretty all the time. When the kids are playing, then you need to standout to take care of their hair by using some accessories such as clips, pins, hairbands, and much more. As they need to be presentable and lifelike regardless of what hairstyle they choose.

With the Kyra Hair mod, all the special things are taken care of. It does not come with a lot of details, where the kids fuss about their hair. When the game gets boring, they have added some fun things to spice up the game. Since the kid has a lot of other things to worry about. 

6. Breathin Hair

Breathin Hair mod is an updated version of the normal ponytail. In a normal ponytail, you just tie hair with a rubber band, which is plain and simple. Whereas with Breathin Hair mod, some hair is wrapped around the ponytail which enhances the normal look. It is a sober and sophisticated look making it simple yet elegant. Some of the hair is free and flowy whereas some of the hair strands are kept loose.

It looks very pretty and cute on toddlers and children. The female child sims would look adorable in this look. 

7. SIVIR Hair Toddler & Kid Edition

SIVIR Hair Toodler & Kid Edition mod is simple and cute to make the girls look loveable. With this hair mod,  they must have some length of hair to begin with. It is something rare in kids’ hairstyle mods.  Braids are tied on the loose hair and some hair is kept simply loose. Also, a small bunch of hair is tied into a tiny little bun.  Braids look cute fun and easy style for kids.

The girls who wear dresses and skirts, this mod is best for them. It would make them stand out from the rest of the girls. Since it is compatible with hats, the girls can even wear hats whenever they want. Since it is available for an adult version, there can be matching for mom and daughter!

8. Lily Hair

The kids always love bangs and braids. This hair mod, Lily Hair comes with a combination of both – braids and bangs. So if you are looking for something just like this, this is the perfect hair mod for your kids.

Please note that this hairstyle is only for toddlers, so the older kids cannot have this. Since it is not hair compatible, you cannot go with this if you want your outfit to be paired with a hat. However, this hair mos is perfect for the kids in their playtime. It is the best fit for the ones looking for a combination hair.

9. Audrey Hair

My parents never let me color my hair, but Sims 4 make it possible. You can add color to your child’s head using the Audrey Hair mod. They can experiment with different hair dyes and have a beautiful look.

Short, cute, and a combination of blue pink that looks like cotton candy, and adding a hairband at the top makes it the cutest hairstyle for the young sims.  If you want to have any other color, then there are various other options available to explore. Audrey mod comes in 32 swatches, so you can pick from the ones that suit your need.

10. Jess Hair

With Jess Hair mod, you get four hairstyles for your kids, and it is one of the best things about this hair mod. So you can experiment with all of these four hairstyles for your kids. Even when you are having problems deciding the perfect hairstyle as per the outfit, you can try out this and select the best one which goes with the dress.

Each of the hairstyles comes with some general specification of keeping two braids on the front and extending it to the back of the hair. Other options include two high buns to long pigtails that are till the collar bone. All of these hairstyles are compatible with hats and come with 18 swatches.