Download Sims 4 Greenhouse Mod & Instance Build Greenhouse With Lot

So we have one more interesting thing to do in our sims 4 gameplay. Yeah! You can create and maintain a greenhouse with a sims 4 greenhouse facility. You simply have to download the greenhouse components to build yours.

Might have one question that how to make a greenhouse in sims 4? But we are here for you without a solution in this blog. 

how to make a greenhouse?

The primary things that you require to build a greenhouse are walls, roof, and windows.

Let’s start with walls first, sims 4 glass walls will be needed here to make walls of a greenhouse.


The height of the wall is dictated by the height of your house. You might have to make your greenhouse taller here because it takes height according to your house. 

Sims 4 greenhouse

Secondly, now if you have added walls first then you are required to add windows within your walls. You have to add two windows into long walls and one into short walls. There is a Looker window available that you can add to those walls so that most of the walls now appear to be glass. The looker window is one stuff which is a modern wooden door with frosted glass inserted next to it into the remaining wall. 

Now glass roofs for a house, Sims 4 has just introduced sims 4 glass roofs for players like us to download to make an awesome greenhouse. You can just add a gabled roof with the peak of the roof that goes along with the width according to you. Then move the overhang in. Lower the peak of the roof. Now your glass roof should be flat as possible. Add the square roof finally and make it green colored. At last, add glass texture which is rectangular-paneled on the roof and you are done!!!