hunt & Summon a Ghost In Sims 4 Ghosts Pack also Create New Ghost

Hereby is an abbreviated guide to Sims 4 Ghosts.

Ghosts appear in the Sims 4 Game when a Sim passes away. If you want to play with ghosts, the remains of Sims are to be in the form of Urn or Tombstone or else you can release their Spirit to

Ghosts visit after 10:00 and depart in the morning; around 6:00 am. The place of their presence depends on where the remains of Sims are present, either on urn i.e indoors or tombstone; outdoors .and also the erratic voice when they appear.

Playing With Ghosts

There are two ways to play with Ghosts: The Easy and the Hard One. If you want a Ghost without doing anything, you should find it in the Sims 4 Gallery. But yes, if you want to earn a Ghost, you will need the following.


  • Socialize and befriend with Sims 4 at a 95% level.
  • Invite your Ghost to your residence.
  • Play with them as a Ghost.

Sims 4 Ghosts Cheats

If it seems difficult for you to Socialize with ghosts, you can use the Relationship Cheats in the game. Shift + Click and thus, add the ghost to your family.

Sims 4 Ghost Colors

Sims 4 Ghosts

The color of ghosts changes based on their emotions They are green when Happy, Pink if Flirty, Red when  Angry and Blue when sad.

Sims 4 Ghost Pets

Pets can die of old age in Sims 4.  The pet’s tombstone is not visited often by ghosts, thus they will fade away

Sims 4: Bring Sim Back to Life

Return/Send to Netherland: Only when you never want to play or see a ghost again, then only you should use this option. You just have to click the urn/tombstone and release the Sim’s spirit.                                                                        

The Sims who becomes the ‘Best Selling Author’, gradually receives the ‘Poetic Reward Trait’, which allows them to write the ‘Book Of Life’. This book, which can’t be bound by the author,  allows the Sim to restore its life when it’s a Ghost. 

To resurrect itself, the Ghost must use the ‘restore’ feature.

How to Summon a Ghost

If you make the Sim read  ‘Book Of Life’, you can summon the ghost immediately after the death.