Sims 4 Familiars Realm Of Magic Expansion Pack & Bind Your Pet Guide

Sims 4 Familiars Expansion Pack comes with With The Sims 4 Realm Of Magic. These are magical exotic critters creatures you can buy in Sims. You can buy from Jon’s Wonderful One-Stop Wand Warehouse. It is located in Caster Alley. You need to check the shop regularly, as the items change constantly. If you’re lucky, there is a possibility to get summoning orbs in Shop. By searching in the bookshelves for magical tomes in Magic Realm HQ. Also, by find with other Sims as well for one. Regular cats and dogs Expansion can be also used with familiars. You can use as many familiars you want to. But only one pack will work at a time.

Sims 4 Familiars

To pile up familiars you demand The Sims 4 Realm of Magic and your Sim must be Sprite. Take Familiars with you on your Sims journey as a Spellcaster to protect Sim. This will also aid you out getting many expert points. Sims can even cheer for you when you gain talent points.

Where Can I Find Familiars?

Sims 4 has 11 familiars in the game to collect. But you do not have to buy any familiar in the game. Three ways are there to find a familiar in the Sims 4. The first one is to steal it from the familiar store in Caster’s Alley.

 In your inventory box, You will get the familiar orb.

Last is, you can find familiars by selecting bookcases inside Magic Realm HQ. And find to choose for tomes. You will get tome books to learn spells in another way too. But you can not act this interaction number of times. Also, there are various places where you can get familiars.

  • Search for tomes by selecting books in Bookcases. (This is a cool interaction )
  • Purchase the Familiars from the shop of Casters Alley in The Realm of Magic.
  • Grouping with other Sims for items you can Win them.
  • In the Magic HQ, you will get 2 familiars to find on the mantle of the fireplaces a leaf & a dragon.

How to Bind Familiars?

When you get the orb of a well-known familiar in the stock list of your Sims. Then you can select it to bind familiars. After this, a pop up will come where you can rename your familiar. You can take the name that is easily prime by game. Once you press enter in this Pop Up the spellcaster will bound to your familiar. You can choose Long-familiar to call them at any period of time.

You can also detach a familiar from your special sim in any case. Doing this will sort the familiar orb look back in the Stocklist of your Sim. And can be chained back to your sim or another sim of your preference.

How To Summon Familiars?

A participant can Choice to cite a familiar from the menu when you Choose your sim. As you click on Sim a pop-up will appear enabling you to Select familiars. You can select from all of the 11 familiars that you need bound to your sim. After this, the familiar will appear on your sim bar. And it will move you to defend your Sims from decease.

Benefits With Familiars Sims 4

The presence of Familiars will give your Sim Spellcaster an extra confidence moodlet. And familiars will also able to protect your Sim from dying. Each familiar has its unique personality and ability. Also, they will encourage your Sims progress as a magic-user. The top-quality part of familiar is the info that they will assist Sims education gain. When Sims perform activities Familiars give Spellcaster experience. They are more or less individual to others. So you have to face them separately.

How to make your Cat or Dog Familiar?

You have Sims 4 Cats & Dogs expansion packs you can bind your Cat or Dog as a Familiar too! All you need to do is select your pet. Then go to the Magic menu & you will behave the menu to ‘Bind Pet as Familiar.’ After this, you can summon your cat or dog just as you do with a normal Familiar. You will see a slight sparkle/glow on your Cat or Dog head. And you are also allowed to send Cat or Dog on special forages. This will help to collect magical items.

Those things which you can not find normally. They will leave your home a lot for several hours when you send your Cat or Dog Familiar out on a foraging adventure. Before returning home with what they had got. Of course, you can bound Sim to your own Cat or Dog. Simply means there are several choices of the kinds of Familiar you want. If Sim is Stuck somewhere, why not take some help from some other well-known magical Sim creatures!

List with Familiars


1. Fairy

One who loves The Legend of Zelda will get this creature’s appearance very easily. The fairy is summoned with Familiars using a summoning orb of blue color. And it appears as a small hovering shining ball with deep blue wings of a butterfly.

The Fairy is explained as a non-physical identity. It appears as a shining focus of energy suspended on its wings. It is said that when close to a fairy, an almost light, electric spark can be feel. The familiar in the Inventory is priced at 100 simoleons.

Bathed in pure energy at night it is not possible to make its true form beyond its wings. You can feel a slight spark when near to Fairy what can only be described.”

2. GlowFrog

“Be alert to get rid of the direct touch of the glow frog. Glow frogs are usually quite bad characters. Although quite innocent when left to their own places.”Don’t be tricked by the Glow frog’s little appearance by, staring into those blank eyes. You will fall in trouble for not inspecting Sim. By nature, Glow frogs are notorious being. And will not irritate Sim to play games when given a chance to.

As players must inspect, Glowfrogs visible as green hovering and shining frogs. Glow Frogs have small bright wings and a tail. The tail is also bright with a glowing yellow orb at its end. Glow Frogs will be priced 250 simoleons in the shop.

3. Raven

The Raven is a nice option when you need classic familiar to any traditional witch or wizard. Raven appears as a deep shade of black and purple in color. The Raven has bright glowing yellow eyes with shine. While some consider Raven as a letter of bad news or misfortune.

Raven is also considered as a loyal familiar when bound to Spellcaster. After that will deeply produce liking feeling for them. Some say Raven as bad luck or The harbingers of prophecy. Ravens are historical creatures and  remain present alongside your favorite spellcasters.”

4. Sixam Owl

“Sixam Owl is an eminent symbol of magic & historical knowledge. They have a strong bond to the moon & stoically lead their chosen spellcaster.” For those who do not know what is a Sixam. Then let me clear you that it’s the alien. It becomes available in the Get To Work expansion pack for your Sim.

Once Sim reaches the maximum level in scientist career the pack appears. You can also predict that creature hails from a faraway planet. Hence, it is no wonder to say that the Sixam Owl have a deep connection with the moon.

Appears like Blue & glowing with star-like details on the body. They have an ideal choice for Pufferheads brightly. Sixam Owl has priced 100 simoleons in Inventory Shop.

5. Bunnerfly

“Bunner fly is an interesting creature with an unexpected identity. Which defies normal boundary & demands a close investigation. Bunner fly’s  true nature is not known.” If you are shocked by what a bunny with butterfly wings would appear like. Then appears no further on this. Besides its nice name & somewhat beautiful appearance, the Bunner fly has cool to feel it.

Bunner fly familiar has red bright eyes & crimson butterfly wings appear black. They have wings that are fuzzy self suspended in the air freely. Bunner Fly familiar is considered as a little bit of an anomaly both in biology & magic. Most costly of the Unique familiars, the Bunner fly priced 250 simoleons in inventory.

6. Dragon

“ The dragon familiar should never be forget based on its size in Regal & powerful, The familiar is a cherished companion as well as a formidable foe.” The list of Dragon familiars really will not be full without a Dragon one.

Classic, yet dragon is known as a scary creature able to creed destruction. It goes with the go-to familiar pack for any familiar who values high over anything else. Nobody rush with the Allies and his dragons, his loyalty to his Sims is completely different. Also, the Spellcaster Sims is completely not matched. The Dragon seems like a baby purple in color. They have yellow shining eyes & two horns on top of its head with spots.

7. Snub – nosed Leaf Bat

“Snub Leaf bats have commonly been closely associated with a classic Spellcaster Sim. They are companions of magic users since the times of History.”

First, they seems as “unexpectedly cute,” a hybrid between a bat & a baby pig. The first thing that comes to mind is not a plant at least until you can see a Snub-Nosed Leaf Bat.

Snub Leaf bat is adorable, they vary from the classic bat. Snub Bats are a form of vampires in The Sims 4. They have a pinky nose, a fluffy white body, stubby green legs,. Also, they have brightly glowing green leaf-like wings. Snub-Nosed Leaf Bat is priced at 250 simoleons in the Sims Inventory.

8. Velid

“This Familiar is a Void critter deep with knowledge of time & countless galaxies across space. No one knows about the true motivation of this velid. But it did not stop one to appear as well known Tv show for kids. It features from almost the Veild as a lead character.”

Fans of Velid familiars will be excited to find out that one creature in Sims 4. A particular velid makes an appearance in the Realm of Magic pack. Velid is said to have an vast knowledge of aliens. And this makes sense considering velid as a visitor from a faraway planet.

Velid is always hovering on a small cloud of a smoky planet. And it has a goat-like skull for a forehead, brown eyes, and large red horns. Velid has a blue body with dark black spots. It is the most costly of all familiars, priced for 777 simoleons.

9. Cats & Dogs

If none of these mythical creatures tricked your insanity, rest is assured. Your last lazy house cat or brand new pup can also become your Sims familiar. All you have to do is click on Sim, select “Magic” & then “Bind Sim Familiar. If you have The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs pack installed in your game. You will have the menu to bind your cat or dog as a familiar Sim. This has to be a pet that is currently on your list. So you are not able to just select a random dog from Brindleton Bay.

You just need to click on the pet to bind your cat or dog as a familiar. Then go to the magic option & select bind pet as familiar. Your cat or dog will now have a huge shine. It will show that they are now a bit magical creatures.

10. Skull

“Use Skull familiar when your opponent scares you to protect your Sims. It is difficult not to be intimate by this haunting & floating familiar.” Skulls are obviously related to death, & sometimes with dark nights. Mostly with evil powers. Only some Sims who are fearsome will welcome the presence of creepy familiar. Spellcasters can either make it easy they are not to be messed with. Or to make their enemies feel fear and shake in a duel.

The Skull familiar is historical & faded on the surface. It usually has cracks & scars carved into its bone. But, it glows with a strange greenish glow that seems suspended in the air freely. The Skull can be bought from Inventory for 500 simoleons.

11. Phoenix

“The Phoenix is intimate familiar having a cycle of death, life, and rebirth of Sim. From the Sims ashes they wake & again fall into the ashes. so it repeats like this way.” Phoenix is the symbol of rebirth & power. It is among the most highly-coveted familiars & the rarest in the Realm of Magic.

Every Sims is fascinated by this mystical, regal Phoenix creature. Phoenix appears as similar to the Raven. But his body has black spots glows like hot embers, with black spots on its head. They have bright wings and a glowing backside.

12. Hex Doll

“Hex Doll familiar seems mysterious and silent type for you. But have to catch your Sims whispering to them. “You can Do that voodoo that your Sim do!”  Do not forget about the art of voodoo when you have to do magic? For any Sims of this ancient craft, the Hex Doll is such a perfect pick for them. It is described as quite and the silent familiar. But his natural charm doesn’t take away it.

The Hex Doll appears like a brown voodoo doll. It has a glowing heart on its chest & no patches on its body. Hex Dolls has pins sticking from its forehead. While Doll seems perpetually angry, the Hex Doll is a steadfast follower of Sim. Hex Doll familiar is priced 250 simoleons in Inventory.