Download Complete Pack of Sims 4 Eye Color & Build Your Own In 2020

Eye Colors Mod in Sims 4 is an easy way to improve the color of Eyes. You will get nine colors of eyes in Mod. Each sims 4 Eye Color has further different shades. The eye color will find in the CAS option of Game. You can also change eyelashes for better texture.

Sims 4 Hair

The Hair of Sims can be changed using Detail Edit Mode of Game. The Mode can change any part of Sim Manually. In Color option, appearance and color of hair can be found. The Hair Style of Sim is divided into three Categories. They are Short, Long, and Medium. The hair colors are available is vast.

Sims 4 CC Eye Colors

Eye Colors Custom Content allows you to change colors of Sim Hairs. You can also add textures and different shades.The Eye Color CC allows to make color shades of your choice. You can also link this mod with other content mod.


Sims 4 Whisper Eyes

Whisper Eyes are available in 39 Colors. Whisper Eyes can be used by both Genders. They will not replace anything because they are essential extra swatches. Whisper Eyes is compatible with default and other replacements.

Sims 4 Eyebrows

Sims 4 Eye Color

Eyebrows come with Maxis Match in Sims 4. There are different styles of Eyebrows in-game. You can find the option of Eyebrows in the CAS Section. The Custom Content can also be enabled with Maxis Match for more features.

Sims 4 Change Age

You can change the Age of your Sims in two ways. First is to bake a Birthday Cake. The second is to use Cheat Codes. The Age can be Change at any Stage of Sims Life. Makin Magic Expansion Pack will change the Age Faster. You can use Cheat Code by pressing Control+Shift+C and turn on testingcheats.on. Press cas.fulleditmode & change Age.