Best SIMS 4 Explore Mod Download & KAWAIISTACIE Mod 2020 Update

The Kawaiistacie mod is the Explore mod in Sims 4. The Explore Mod is a rabbit hole base game. The mod enables your Sims to exit the group through this hole. The Sims can have a look around other aspects of the game like shopping, gambling, part-time, a hospital visit, grooming, etc.

When your Sim comes back, the mod even allows them to modify. They can modify characteristics like better relationships, increased motives, improved skills, and buffs. The explore mode even adds other features in-game. The features can only be utilized by the Sims who have subscribed to explore mod.

Sims 4 Explore Mod

Sims 4 Explore Mod Working

After you install explore mod, you will get a modified menu of “Explore” after clicking your Sim. Then your Sim will lead to all the places that are already listed on the menu. It will happen without your permission. If you need to take your Sims for shopping. Then make sure Sim stays there for a while and comes out by itself. Some features of mod are paid. But don not spend all money on gambling.

The travel mod present in the game allows you to go with other Sims. For that use, the option “Explore with” is listed in the pie menu. Before you move ahead, send your Sims to the transportation center. Then take a bus pass or a license to experience surroundings.

The Best Mods of Sims 4 Explore

1. Gambling

Gambling mod enables new characteristics for your Sims. That is Gambler. The mod allows begins your interaction with the card table.

2. Gambling at home

You have to select your Sims to start gambling. It is the same as practicing a game session. Sims will not lose money while playing at home. But if Sims win then they will gain money. This will only improve your gambling skills. Sims will not gain as much as Sims gain at rabbit holes.

3. Gambling off lot (Rabbit holes)

You have to select your Sims for gambling. It requires the best luck &  a lot of practice to win the game. As you can also lose the money you have if you don’t win. But if you do not lose you can gain a huge amount at the end.

4. Skills to improve

This mod will help your Sim to improve and master some skills in different categories like.

  • Cooking
  • Dancing
  • Photography
  • Yoga
  • Guitar
  • Gardening and many more!

5. Services

This mod allows your Sim to access certain services which might your Sims need at a time.

  • Hospital visiting
  • Get massages
  • Opt for various types of surgeries
  • Get your grooming done
  • Couples therapy.

6. One day vacation

One Day Vacation mod allows your Sim to go for one day vacation to the places given in the options below.

  • Jurassic Park
  • Disney World
  • Cruise
  • Beach

7.  Entertainment

Entertainment mod has some entertaining & exciting tasks to provide in the game your Sim like

  • Arcade
  • Comedy club
  • Fishing
  • Gym
  • Karaoke
  • Movie
  • Zoo 
  • Playground

Kawaiistacie Explore Mods

1. Tea Lover

Kawaiistacie Tea Lover Mod helps your Sims to make tea in brewer. Sims can also great Barista. Having tea on a dull day, makes Sims feel positive & happy. Sims will forget how tired their day was and makes them enervated.

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2. Baller Trait

Sims with Baller Trait loves to play basketball. While playing basketball, Sims feel energetic & bored when they are not. Sims gain fitness Skills & master the game faster than others. Sims may have posted bad videos online.

This makes them embarrass and feels negative. Gaining fitness skills helps them to make good relationships. This, in turn, help your sim to improve the game of basketball & gain social status.

3. Singing Trait

Kawaiistacie Singer Trait allows your Sim to express their talent in singing. When they sing, Sims feel energized & Sad when they don’t. Sims can inspire other Sims for Singing and Sims can improve their Singing skills faster as compared to others. Sims even damage their vocal cords by using excessively. Singing Trait helps Sims increase buffs. Also, improves to build healthy relationships.

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4. Acne – Prone Trait

Acne – Prone Trait will set up Acne on your Sims face when they have breakouts. When people react to their acne faces, Sims feel irritation & uncomfortable. You need to select the appropriate traits for Sim to plug in a trait. Then Acne will automatically appear on your Sims face. Use blend soaks and mud to treat acne.

5. Drinkable Pouches For Humans

Kawaiistacie provides your Sim with Drinkable pouches. Drinkable Pouches can be available from Sims inventory. The vampire expansion pack also comes along with this mod content. It adds milk pouches for humans & plasma pouches for vampires. It even reduces Sims’ bladder needs & fulfills your Sims hunger.

This Kawaiistacie mod is available in two swatches & can be found in build and buy mode. It also helps to increase Sims buffs.

Appearance Trait

1. Handsome Trait

The handsome trait can be accessed by the male Sims. The trait makes Sims looking attractive and good than others. The other Sims finds ways to be friends with these good looking Sims. These Handsome Male Sims can easily make good relations with others & this increases buffs.

2. Beautiful Trait

A beautiful trait can be accessed by the female Sims. The trait makes Sims pretty & gorgeous all the time. The Sims always try to have a relationship with these wonderful female Sims. These pretty females can make build relationships & friends faster than others.

3. Hideous Trait

Kawiistacie Hideous trait is made for Sims who want to create an entertainment factor. Sims may look funny & unrealistic with this trait. The trait was not made to irritate other Sim. Funny Sims can not build relationships & make friends as faster as the other traits.

These Sims makes others Sim feel uncomfortable by ignoring. The trait will not increase Sims Buffs.