Best Guide For Sims 4 Entertainer Career & How to Become Entertainer

Entertainer Career is one of the Popular Career in Sims 4. Entertainer career further has two major branches. One is Music and Second is Comedy. Once Sim reaches Level 5, you can opt for one of the branches. To reach Level 5 you need to write daily tasks. Daily Tasks will enable Sims to Build Skills.

Sims 4 Music Career

Music career pays you more than a Comedian career at a high level. Your Sim will learn how to play Piano, Guitar or Violin. You need to enable their Emotional Aura by reaching level 7. The ideal trait for Musician is Inspired. To improve Music Skills you must have Inspired Aura Room. To gain inspiration it is best to play your Instruments. a music career is also included in Sims 4 Entertainer Career mod.

Sims 4 Piano

Piano Skills are needed for Musician Career. Inspired Mood is needed to gain Pianist Skill experience. also, You can unlock many kinds of music as you level up. You can play romantic Songs and Concerto. You can play Blues Songs to serenade other Sims. This gives Sims Confidence and Flirting Moodlet. At level 10 of Piano, you can teach other Sims. This will help you to Learn Faster.

Sims 4 Write a Song

When your Sim reach a Level 8 of Piano, you can write your Songs. It will take a Long Time to Write a Song. You can license your Songs. But you can do it once for each instrument at a time. Licensing your Written Song helps you to gain more. So you must have a Piano, Guitar or Violin.

Sims 4 Comedy Skills

Sims 4 Entertainer Career


Comedian Career is the difficult career of two branches. You need a Comedy Skill to level up in this Career. You need Writing Skills and Good Charisma Skills to be a Comedian. Practicing in Mirror will improve your Sims Charisma Skills. Also, you need Confident Moodlet to increase Skills.