Sims 4 Elf Ears Pointy Ears Unlock All CC & Download With Blood Elf Ears

Imagine face without ears, It is weird, right? So to complete the Face pack of your Sim download Sims 4 elf ears. It is useable and compatible with every face that is available in the Sims 4 game. If you want to attach to random Sims then move to the ring version which is allowed both child and Adults versions

You will get different ears shape, which is set up for different suitable faces. You will get fancy ears which is like a Mermaid Ears and Dragon Horn, Which looks like demons on the face of the Sims.

Sims 4 Pointy ears

Pointy ears are one of the types of Sims 4 Pointy ears. Sims 4 elf ears cc will get into the game when you run the Sims Pointy ears for the first time. It is elegant on the Sims face. And available for all kinds of character, means elf ears suits for all age in Sims. You can simply embed the Pointy ears on the Human Sims. With some minor Min/Max value changes, you will get the perfect element on Sims.

Sims Blood elf ears

Sims 4 elf ears

With every Sims elf ears, you will get the new Sims elf ears, we are talking about the latest Sims Blood elf ears. You will find something new on regular updates. And the all credit goes to ts4 elf ears.

How to make elf ears in Sims 4 no cc?

Sims 4 elf ears cc base game which is created and maximizes the effects on the face. You will get all unlocked ears once you extract the Sims elf ears mod package file. Then you can make custom ears also. All of these custom creation details is remains under the elf ears presets, which is also unlocked to use, to adjust on human sims ears.

Sims 4 Elf Ears Custom Content

Sims Elf Ears custom content allows for you to create your Sims ears as you want. The custom content feature goes with every skin; this is the plus point of the Elf Ears Custom content. Male, Female, Children can use custom maker if Elf ears. 

How to Create ELVEN QUEEN in Sims 4?

Eleven Queen and Eleven Princess are the additional features of Sims 4 Elf ears mod. Dress updates and queen updates you will get at Tankuz. In the mod, you have to create a queen Sim, then you can add additional an Eleven queen feature in Elf ears. It offers you to add colors and dress to create Eleven Queen.