Download Sims 4 Edges Patch 2020 Update With New Custom Content

Edges come with Maxis Match in Sims 4. The different edge style goes with a different skin tone of Sim. The hairstyles of Sims also affects the edges. There are seven swatches for each edge style. The Edges can be found in the Skin Details section.

Sims 4 Edges CC

Edges Custom Contents in Sims are generated by the Fans of Sims. Edges Custom Contents gives players to alter Sims Skin, Hairstyles, Eye Color, Skin Color, etc.  sims 4 Edges CC Meshes are used for edge styles.

Customizing the object using Edge CC involves changing the colors & shapes. New edge styles can be created using CC. It is also used to alter the terrains of Abodes.


Sims 4 Kiegross Edges

Kiegross Edges in Sims 4 comes with Custom Thumbnails. It is a hair edge for Sims. Kiegross Edges has 52 edges swatches. You can use this for Elder and adult Sims only. The total swatches available are 21.

Sims 4 Baby Custom Content

Sims 4 Edges

Baby Custom Content allows your Sim to age up faster. You can grow t any stage of Sims Life. The CC allows you to adopt the traits and skills of your choice. The Hair Style and Skin tone of your Baby Sim can also be altered. The Clothes which other Sims are not able to access can be wear. The Baby Custom content can also be linked with any Baby Mods.

Sims 4 Hairline CC

The hairline CC comes in three different types in Sims 4. They are as follows:

  1. Hairline N1: You can access 46 colors suitable for all ages and genders. You can found this in Tattoo and Skin Details Section.
  2. Eyebrow N13: You can access 30 colors but suitable for only females.
  3. Hairline N14: You can access 27 colors for all ages and genders.