Sims 4 Disney Princess Challenge Guide For Rules, Legacy With 22 Gen

The Magical Phenomenon swept over the community of the Sims 4. In Disney Princess Challenge, Sims care created with the imagination of Disney Classic Princess. The challenge has got inspiration from Disney Characters. It is one of the favorite challenges among Sims 4 players.

Ldshadowlady Sims 4 Disney Princess Challenge

Ldshadowlady is a youtube gamer, known as Lizzie. Lizzie plays different types of games from my craft to Sims 4. She has married to YouTuber named Paul. Lizzie has a small pet named as Smallish Beans. Lizzie has a channel named LDShadowLady. There she shares the Challenges of the Sims 4. The Disney Princess Challenge in Sims 4 is the first Non-Minecraft series consisting of 10 episodes.

The rules of the Princess challenge is coming from user Play With Mah. Lizzie is one of the six Sims 4 YouTubers to publish her expansion packs. The Disney Princess challenge has been completed by Lizzie in less time. Lizzie went out of order of generations & started with Snow white to belle. She shared a lot of tricks and tips in her LdShadowLady channel on youtube. Lizzie created her private server for series of Sims which is known as the land.

sims 4 disney princess challenge

Sims 4 Disney Princess Challenge Rules

In some challenges, the Sims have to select specific gender they wish. And you can also select a specific heir or heiresses. Whether you are playing matriarchy or patriarchy, you can alter this accordingly.

The rules of the Sims 4 Disney Princess Challenge have some variations from that of the rule of 10 Generation Legacy. Players with an expansion pack can alter the way they want. Also, EPS gives ideas to players.

Generation 1: Snow White

Needs of Snow White Story are as follows:

  • Snow White is a Female with Seven Children which represents Dwarfs.
  • For Each Child, it is needed to have negative traits: Gluttony and Gloomy.
  • The Seven Dwarfs of Snow White have the same father.
  • Before they reach their teenage, they must have to excel in some skills. They can reach level 5 as a toddler, achieve a good grade in school. Reaching Level 3 when children finish aspirations.
  • Snow White should not talk with older women or any other strange person. 
  • EPS: The child must have at least one positive character trait while growing up. You can increase this number If you need to make it more challenging.

Generation 2: Cinderella

Needs of Cinderella Story are as follows:

  • Cinderella’s traits consist of both foodie and neat aspects. 
  • Cinderella must be responsible for cooking and cleaning the house every day. 
  • Cinderella must not have more than 3 Kids. 
  • Until her mother dies, Cinderella’s will not marry any other Sim. The death of Cinderella mother occurs due to unnatural causes. But you can not use cheats codes to get rid of her. 

Generation 3: Tiana

Needs of Tiana Story are as follows:

  • Tiana is an ambitious character of the story.
  • Tiana’s father must die before Tiana grow to an adult. 
  • Tiana must have an aspiration of food. 
  • Tiana’s love story is with a human turned into a frog. Tiana will marry a Sim that has an appearance with green features. And it can’t be removed. The body can entirely be green. 
  • EPS:– Tiana must run her restaurant well as she is the owner. 

Generation 4: Aurora

Needs of Aurora Story are as follows :

  • Aurora is portrayed as a lazy human.
  • Aurora’s friend circle can consist of only three people. You can count Family members as friends if you want. 
  • All relationships of Aurora need to be secret and under wraps from the public. 
  • Aurora can only meet her soulmate when everyone falls asleep at night. Once she finds her prince charming, it would be a better time for her to marry him secretly. 
  • Also, Aurora can give birth to 2 children only. It would be better if they have twin girls, but it is not compulsory. 

Generation 5: Anna

Needs of Anna Story are as follows:

  • Once Anna turns a young adult then only Anna can contact her sister.
  • Anna will be fascinated by a criminal boy and fall in love with him. 
  • Because of her criminal lover, Anna must have to face death experiences.
  • As she and Anna become best friends the relationship of Anna with her sister fixes.
  • Once their relationship settles down, Anna will fall in love with another sim. 
  • After marriage, Anna can have one child only. 

Generation 6: Rapunzel

Needs of Rapunzel Story are as follows:

  • Rapunzel must-have traits of art lover and lonely character.
  • Before turning into a young adult, Rapunzel must attain level 8 in painting skills
  • Rapunzel can go away from the tower only to go to school.
  • Until her love story starts, Rapunzel has no friends as she is locked up the whole time in a cage. 
  • Rapunzel must marry secretly. 

Generation 7: Belle

Needs of Belle Story are as follows:

  • Belle must be depicted as a bookworm. 
  • Belle has to date at least 6 Sims because she does not trust in love at first sight. 
  • As looks don’t matter for Belle she will fall in love with Ugly Sim. 
  • Belle will get transformed into his beautiful self again. Once Belle marries the ugly sim and gives birth to the first child.
  • EPS: Get to Work Expansion Pack – Belle’s husband is different because she is alien.

Generation 8: Mulan

Needs of Mulan Story are as follows:

  • Mulan must have a trait of activeness.
  • Mulan has a career as an astronaut.
  • Once Mulan starts your astronaut career, she falls in love with co-workers.
  • After becoming an astronaut, Mulan falls in love & she will get married.
  • EPS: Get Famous Expansion Pack –Due to her achievements, Mulan becomes Famous.

Generation 9: Jasmine

Needs of Jasmine Story are as follows:

  • Jasmine must have a Raja as a best friend.
  • Jasmine can go out of home only to go to school. 
  • she must fall in love with a Bad, Criminal, or Poor Sim.
  • Jasmine will marry him & give birth to four Kids.
  • EPS: Cats and Dogs Expansion Pack – Raja has to be a pet animal. And he must become a companion with Jasmine in her childhood.

Generation 10: Merida

Needs of Merida Story are as follows :

  • Merida must have a trait of self-assurance.
  • Merida’s mother and siblings must die in a dreadful accident. 
  • Merida will try to change the past but she fails to do it. Things would be quite uncertain. 
  • Merida never gets married because she believes that she is cursed.
  • Merida has regrets and grows up alone.

Bonus Generation

Generation 11: Ariel

Needs of Ariel Story are as follows:

  • Ariel must have some traits related to water.
  • she goes swimming every day so there must be a pool.
  • Ariel will fall in love with a Sim having a similar suitable feature like her.
  • she will get married and will have two children.
  • EPS: Island living pack – Ariel is a mermaid so you have to alter the rules to fit the EP.

Generation 12: Pocahontas

Needs of Pocahontas Story are as follows:

  • Pocahontas will Fall in love with something the public wouldn’t consider normal. 
  • She marries an unusual and different Sim secretly who has blue or green skin. 
  • After marriage, Pocahontas will have a maximum of 4 kids. 
  • EPS: Vampires Pack – Using this EPS, Pocahontas can also marry with a Vampire. 

Generation 13: Elsa

Needs of Elsa Story are as follows :

  • Elsa must-have trait of a loneliness. 
  •  Once she becomes a young adult then only She can talk to her siblings.
  • Elsa must have a different aspect of respect for other Sims. 
  • During her adolescence, Elsa must run away from the house. If the storytellers want, her sister can bring Elsa back home.
  • Elsa will never marry any Sim but Still, she has 1 child by accident.

Generation 14: Moana

Needs of Moana Story are as follows:

  • Moana must have ‘loves the outdoors’ as her main trait.
  • Moana must have to be a curator as her aspiration.
  • She must closely be attached to her grandmother, who dies before she turns into a young adult.
  • Moana becomes BFF’s with Maul after She runs away from her house.
  • Moana then Marry him and give birth to one child. 
  • EPS- Jungle Adventure Pack – On Moana’s journey, Moana explores Selvadorada after she runs away from her house.

Generation 15: Sally

Needs of Sally Story are as follows:

  • Since Sally’s mother died so her father has kept Sally under lock and key. He is scared of Sally to be hurt by the ruthless world.
  • Sally runs away from the house & meets an intriguing Jack. Sally falls in love with him. But jack doesn’t seem to understand & sally is also too shy to admit.
  • Sally gives jack a basket, sews his torn clothes & anything else jack asks.
  • When Sally returns, she has locked again in her room. Sally manages to get out of the room once again.
  • Sally sits under the Christmas tree in Snow, Jack realizes his feelings and finds her.
  • Jack proposes, then get married & have kids.

Generation 16: Esmeralda

Needs of Esmeralda Story are as follows:

  • Esmeralda is abducted by an evil man called as Frollo.
  • She becomes good friends with Frollo’s servant who looks like a monster.
  • Esmeralda falls in love with Phoebus.
  • Phoebus Fight the Frollo and win.
  • Then Return to get married to Esmeralda and have children.

Generation 17: Megara

Needs of Megara Story are as follows:

  • Megara gets a boyfriend & falls in love with him.
  • But her boyfriend dupes on her and breaks her heart & trust.
  • The Boyfriend was so mean to her and find the love of his life 
  • They become Best friends & spend time together.

Generation 18: Tinker Bell

Needs of Tinker Bell Story are as follows:

  • Tinker Bell has a best friend named Peter.
  • When a new girl comes named Wendy, she realizes her feelings & feels jealousy.
  • Tinker Bells’ handiness skills no longer impress Peter. Because he is impressed by the new girl.
  • Tinker starts to change herself to earn his love back. But her mother told her to not change for anyone.
  • Tinker meets a new boy who loves her the way she is. And later they get married and have kids.

Generation 19: Nani

Needs of Nani Story are as follows:

  • Nani’s parents died in a tragic accident.
  • she leaves out of school to grow her sister.
  • Nani has a blue dog as a pet for company.
  • gets a part-time job to provide food to her sister & pet.
  • she has a boyfriend named David. David has good bonding with Nani’s sister. 
  • Then Nani Get married to David and have kids.

Generation 20: Tiana

Needs of Tiana Story are as follows:

  • Tiana must have a trait of ambition.
  • Before she becomes an adult, Tiana’s father get died 
  • Tiana must have an aspiration of food.
  • Tiana marries a Sim who is green in color, Eyes, and Skin.

Generation 21: Jane

Needs of Jane Story are as follows:

  • Before Jane becomes a teenager, her mother passes away.
  • she must have an aspiration of a Friend Of The Animals.
  • While researching in the animals, Jane saves an old man named Tarzan..
  • Jane & Tarzan are equally attracted by each other and later fall in love.
  • she comes back to the house without him. Jane doesn’t meet him & tarzan comes to her.
  • Jane & Tarzan get married and have 2 children.

Generation 22: Sofia

Needs of Sofia Story are as follows:

  • Sofia must-have a trait of goodness.
  • Sofia should have at least three best friends name as Flora, Fauna, & Merryweather.
  • also, Sofia has a small pet name as Clover the rabbit and becomes good friends with them.
  • she finishes the aspiration of a social butterfly.

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The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge is the Super classic challenge in Sims 4. You can begin with one Sim with a little amount of money. Then you see if you can play in the Same family or different generations. First, create your Sims and put them with 10,000 Simoleons in the empty lot. Then Sims fortune will continue into the next generation. Keep playing the game without leaving the original family.

Which Disney Princess was in The Disney Princess Sims 4 Challenge?

In the Disney Princess Sims 4 Challenge given a specific set of a modern princess. As the princess follows the rules she will move to the next princess with other sets of rules. In episode 1 to 16 of the challenge, the main focus is on Snow White Princess. Then in episode 17, it moves to Belle princess. Then Journey of Rapunzel begins followed by Mulan, Jasmine, and so on.