Sims 4 Detective Career Mod Download & Become A Detective In 2022

Sims 4 Detective Career Mod enables you to play the role of a detective and is a feature found in The Sims 4 Get to Work. You will gradually have more freedom to pursue case-solving and advancements in this Active Career track. I’ll go over some of the pursuits these law enforcement officers can make while working, as well as the most effective ways to close investigations and imprison suspects, in this manual.

Sims 4 Detective Career Cheat

Type testingcheats on and hit enter after pressing Control + Shift + C.

Sims 4 Get To Work

Using Sims 4: Get to Work, you control the workplace. Determine whether your Sims are destined for a major promotion or are developing a reputation as a workplace problem by actively managing them while they are at work. As a Doctor, run to the incident and save countless lives; as a Scientist, annoy your neighbors with nefarious creations; or as a Detective, comb through crime scenes and solve the biggest crimes. You can even design, personalize, and run your own retail shops if you like to be your own boss and become a Simoleonaire! How your Sims commute to work is up to you.

In addition to enabling Sims to own and run their own retail companies, it also contains three new active careers: detective, doctor, and scientist.


Common Sims 4 Detective Interactions: Where to Do Them

  • Make patrols, Use the Crime Map to navigate to the crime scene, and issue an APB. Additionally, it’s where you enter new clues and begin new investigations.
  • Speak with the Chief – This particular interaction is listed under the Friendly menu.
  • Utilize the lab tools in the room to the left of the station door to analyze the evidence.
  • Search, Fingerprint, and Mug Shots for Suspects: Click on the orange-colored inmates within the cells to unlock the option to shoot them. I never bothered to bring one back to the cell; perhaps another cop will take them. Possible escapees include. I simply didn’t experience it.
  • Only when you’ve just used the Arrest interaction and are returning to the station with your suspect does it become necessary to interrogate them.
  • Utilize the “Search for Clues” interaction in key areas of the property to find/capture more clues. You can then tag and bag clues like wallets, shoes, and gloves that surface.

Sims 4 Detective Notebooks

Sims 4 Detective Career

There are three active careers available in The Sims 4: Get to Work expansion pack: doctor, scientist, and detective. If you decide to become a detective, your Sim will begin as a cadet and advance through the ranks to become chief of police, police station, and finally police station.

You can solve crimes when the Sim is in the police station by gathering fresh cases and questioning suspects.

You can find a variety of clues at a certain crime scene. You can simply look for hints on the ground, get samples of proof, take pictures, and look for fingerprints in the dust. Oddly, some of these clues will be necessary for the following case as well, even if not all of them will apply to your present case.

The Sim will add each piece of information to the Inventory. To identify the clues that will lead you to a suspect so that you can apprehend the culprit, you must examine these hints.

You can find a list of all the clues you’ve gathered at the crime scene in Sim’s detective notebook. This is because you can find it difficult to remember all the clues at once if there are too many at once.

Using the notebook to arrest a suspect in The Sims 4

You’ll also see a number of hints in the Sims 4 detective notebook that will help you identify the suspect. Age, gender, attire, and personality qualities are a few of these.

Continue having polite conversations with the suspect until you notice a lot of similarities between the suspect’s appearance and behavior and the list of clues in the Sims 4 notebook.

Select the “Arrest” interaction to take the suspect to the police station after you are certain that they are the offender.

You cannot force the Sim to write in his or her Sims 4 notebook, unlike a journal. Even adding something to it on your own is impossible. The notebook will automatically be updated with new information.